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Posting for help alot of tech gurus on here

Hello, first of all i want to apologize as this has nothing to do with diablo 3 the game works great for me, i post here because it seems like people are knowladgeable on here.i was playing when this happened. So yesterday i was playing diablo 3, i decided to take a break to watch trailer park boys on youtube, when all of a sudden my screen goes white. I figured okay well it needs a restart, i restart my computor to find that after i login to Windows Vista Home Premium my computor went straight back to the regular screen, okay i said, ill just start task manager, i alt ctrl del and i click task manager only to find that my screen just goes white again unable to acess the program. When i logout, or shutdown from this state i can see my desktop for about 5 seconds before it logs out or restarts. I can also indicate that ive noticed a message sayin windows explorer has stopped working with a option to end task, i dont know whats going on, this is a asus repuplic of gamer laptop, 4gb and with no previous problems, there is no reason why i shouldnt be able to see my desktop, furthermore i can get it to load my wallpaper where i can see my backround but no taskbar or icons, please help somone, i need to get around this white screen of death, what really sucks is i found a legendary 2 handed sword and i have yet to identify ITS A GRANDFATHER!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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bump no kind hearted people out there????
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Tell me a little bit more about your system and SPs on your Vista installation. Is it a 32-bit version or 64-bit version of Windows Vista? What security suite software are you currently running and do you keep it updated?

I know Internet Explorer is needed by almost all game that have a browsing capability built-in some have their own library and don't rely on Microsoft .NET or MONO libraries. Although, not many, this game is no exception, as it relies on Microsoft Internet Explorer and has .NET related libraries being used (programming and client related stuff).
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Also, another thing that can hose up files is if you overclock your south bridge too high, while you can OC it a bit don't over do it because you can corrupt your HD in seemingly random ways, this includes files being corrupted or in some cases entire file system itself (the operating system core).

I know the Asus Republic of Gamers aka Asus R.O.G. does do some tweaks that are a bit out there, yes, they're great if you can keep your PC and all the components at the the same temperature, not to mention cool but using a thermal scan while I was testing this board with the cooling equipment that came with it made me wonder what was going through their heads when they did this at Asus. Now, this is about the motherboard as in the desktop that is.

I can also help with the laptop, just need more information to see where the problem could be.

Did you start Windows Vista in Safe Mode by holding down F8 before MS Windows starts to load? Once that is all loaded in Safe Mode which takes considerably longer than a normal boot, see if Internet Explorer will start. If it does and there is no trouble, then shut your computer down as you normally do, through the START button.

Something else, on some computers with the SATA connector, what happens if you your computer is on for extended periods of time is that the timing on the SATA hard discs and controllers differ by quite a bit and even though they have the ability to synchronize with each other under "normal" conditions they fail when this occurs. What to do about it when file seem to corrupt and you are not over-clocking your south-bridge, no malware or other baddies present, and your hard disc appears to be in good health?

Simple, instead of restarting your computer, do a "Shutdown" from the START button in Vista and then wait about a minute before clicking on the power button to start your computer again.

What this does it allow the computer to lose timing and latch-up from the previous state when it got stuck doing this. A cold restart is needed for this to fix it, assuming you don't have physical damage to your chip set or to your drives in your computer. If you do a normal reboot from the START button, that's called a warm reset, all that does is clear the memory and doesn't reset anything that latched up due to clock drift or heat, let alone both.

There are a variety of different reasons this could have happened to you as well.
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People often confuse Internet Explorer aka iexplore.exe, the browser and the desktop GUI interface, known as explorer.exe . Now assuming your GUI isn't completely hosed and something loaded ahead of it didn't cause a problem when you attempt to auto-load explorer.exe when Windows starts, you could try to hit Ctrl-Shift-Esc to bring up the Task Manager, and get into the File drop down menu and click on the New Task (Run) selection,
then type "explorer" without the double quotes and hit "OK". That might launch it perfectly fine, I know this bug to occur when certain Adobe Flash updates using the Internet Explorer ActiveX updater from Adobe has a goof occur this can happen and some Windows Update system updates will cause this to hang too.

If all else fail, assuming you have tried all of this, you could attempt to use the F8 boot option again but go with "Last Known Good Configuration" which might solve it for you. I tell you something, don't use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for normal browsing and hanging out on YouTube, use Mozilla Firefox. I have some security settings for you too, that will make your browsing safer and will make sense later on while you use it.
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ill try to do the cold restart, as in ill shut it down and wait about 10 mins i appreciate your help to the utmost, i know this may not be the most proper place to pot, but as assured, people who know what they are talking about were sure to answer, let me go ahead and shut down the computer, if that doesn't work, trust me i have much to divulge in the insecure behavior of my laptop
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Okay, Sigma, I shall wait for you to return, to see where you are at with this problem.
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Here is a post in regards to the Adobe Flash ActiveX plug-in for Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, does both. When it's integrated into the shell, a couple of the version updates were effed up from Adobe caused explorer.exe to crash when you booted up. Now, if you have it set for Adobe to automatically update when you are watching videos or anything that it use Flash with Internet Explorer it will download and install, ask you to close the browser Window sometimes and then that is when all hell breaks loose.

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If I don't hear back from you Sigma, I will assume that the cold restart helped you. If you have anymore questions regarding to computers, just ask.
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no sorry the cold restart didntwork, i wasnt able to respond because i had to go to work, but now im back at it lol. im going to look into the adobe shell thing. Hopfully i hear back from you today i still need help : /
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also i can get into windows using safe mode with command prompt and asus still hasnt responded to my support post.
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Generally capacitors have overheated and went bad. White screen is not a black screen of death, but will be unusable until whichever defective capacitors are replaced. Goggle "white screen capacitors" for tech info.
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if i can get into windows explorerer using command prompt in safe mode, doesnt that make that assumption invalid?
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FIXED: if this every happens to you just boo into safe mode with command prompt, create a new user without a password, restart and log in! works perfectly, i wanna thank everyone who tried to help. THANKS. now to identify that 2 hander.
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