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Game of the Year Picks (other than D3)

Lets ignore D3 for now. I don't want this to turn into a thread with supporters and haters flaming back and forth.
What would be your picks for game of the year, and why? Maybe share an awesome experience you had that sealed it for you.
Dishonored. It's not really that original, but as a first person non linear action adventure, it's one of the best I've ever played (Deus Ex HR and Bioshock are up there too). The moment that sealed it for me was getting to that last mission. I had completely upgraded Corvo into a swift, silent killing machine, and as a result I felt like a complete badass, using everything I knew to get to the final objective. The other levels had been trial and error: I'd found a playstyle that worked, and Arkane gave me a final playground to show off my mastery. Awesome.
Mark of the Ninja. The best stealth action game I played. It beats Dishonored in that regard, although it only ever has 1 path to the objective. And it was only 15 bucks.
The Walking Dead. This one would be my number one choice. I've never been so riveted and immersed. The nature of the game was such that the decisions that you had to make felt very much like YOUR decisions, and as a result the consequences felt a lot more personal. This meant that you actually start to genuinely care for the characters, in particular Clementine!
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Journey. The music the setting the way it builds kinship without you even knowing the other guy. Just an awesome game. Only 2 Hours long, but much less filler.
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12/05/2012 02:36 PMPosted by popeman
Journey. The music the setting the way it builds kinship without you even knowing the other guy. Just an awesome game. Only 2 Hours long, but much less filler.

I really want to play this! Unfortunately I don't have a PS3, and it doesn't sound like it's coming to other systems any time soon/at all...
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I really enjoyed Dishonered. Just putting that out there.
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Hrm, I have Dishonored but I didn't find it as amazing as most. It's certainly a good game but I wouldn't call it one of my GOTY.

I'm torn on my picks.

The Walking Dead was an amazing experience even though it was mostly story and little on actual gameplay. I mean, it is a point and click adventure but it goes above and beyond and hits all the right notes. If nothing else, this would be my "dark horse" nomination for GOTY.

Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS. Easily the best modern RE game while maintaining some of the great aspects of the earlier games in the series such as cramped spaces that actually gets the tension rising. Lots of creepy atmosphere. Also, their version of Mercenaries (called Raid Mode) is the best version and I think they should use that format for any future RE games. The only downside is it's on the 3DS. The damn thing hurts my hands to play for more than 10-15 minutes even with the CPP. It should be ported (properly...) on consoles/PC without the 3D gimmick.

Those are the only ones that really stand out from the pack for me although there are other amazing games that I could probably make a case for such as Borderlands 2.

Kind of an afterthought here and not something I'd really consider in my picks, but worth noting anyways.

I don't think you can really count it, since it was initially released in 2011, but The Witcher 2 was upgraded to "enhanced edition" this year so maybe it gets in on a technicality. One of the best RPGs experiences ever.
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