How about changing thorns to not only do damage but also to have an effects.

1. Why not have Thorns damage be cold damage with a 5% chance to freeze. No proc.. a full 5-10% chance (which is ridiculously low)
2. If not cold damage, how about adding a stun effect for 3 seconds. A full 5-10% chance to stun for 3 seconds.
3. If not cold or stun, how about adding a knockback effect for 3 seconds. A full 5-10% chane to knockback for 3 seconds.
4. If not the above how about adding a slow effect for 3 seconds. A full 5-10% chance to slow by 60% for 3 seconds.
5. Still allow thorns to deal damage in addition to the above and modify as needed.
6. Let thorns have life steal all on it's own without having life steal affix from other items. This would make thorns useful. No hidden numbers. Maybe a 25% chance to steal 5% life. So if you had 15,000 thorns damage you could steal 5% life from that. So if 12 monsters hit you, you would steal 750life from 3 of them or 2250 life. Maybe its called vampiric thorns. It could be a way for other classes to have life steal on items other than the life steal on belts for a barb.
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