Hello, I'm buiilding a WW barb and would like some advices, mainly in weapon and jewerly (i've already bought all the other pieces), please. What should i get to max my dps? i think i have more than enough survability, maybe only more LS or loh.

I have around 300m to spend in those 4 slots (since i will use a hellfire ring all the time).

My current stats without these 4 slots:

5,8k armor , 550+ all resist (650 fire and phys) unbuffed
980 vit, 24% life bonus (not counting gem on socket) = 42k max life
2055 str, 27,5% CC (37,5 with the axe/mace passive), 14% IAS, no CD stacked atm.
464 loh, 5,8% LS, 800 life regen.

I would be very happy if i could reach at least 170k of dps at least.

Ty very much
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