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well i've been trying to understand all this excitement about the strafe build everybody's been tlaking about,and tried a whole bunch of em out and didnt like either of them. assuming im doing somthing wrong with the build im taking other DH as a point of reference.
after some examination i've seen that a DH with around my DPS would clear an alkaizer route at about 10~12 minutes not picking up anything but ilvl 63 weps and ammulets and rings.
while using my build ive been doing under 9:00 minute alkaizer runs while picking up almost EVERYTHING (no 2handers/under ilvl 61 weps) even pots and gems (just coz im cheap like that =]) and for this thread i timed one where i picked up only ilvl 63 weps and ammulets and rings and i got a time of 7:45. bear in mind that im playing at 500~700 ping usually so im sure you could do ALOT faster.
the main idea with this build is having enough dmg to 1~2hko most mobs and clearing out all big packs. BL is your best friend here.
is the build.
now you'd want a medium attack speed(for a smooth attack animation. no more then 2 aps) with a relatively high dps (over 100k unbuffed).
24% move speed(ofcourse) high critchance (to proc nightstalker) decent defenses (35k+ hp and 250 allres MINIMUM) and as high discipline as possible (50 ATLEAST) and to really maximize your run get a high pickup radius (i dont have any and that works aswell, but i really wish i had). i just vault every couple of seconds throu the mobs and the ToC kills them on its own so i dont even need to waste the time to cast a BL.
elites melt down in under 3~4 seconds so i just usually stop BL a few times vault over em and finish off if they havent died.
RD method would be to BL on them while hovering over to see the RD notice. if it is i just gloom and keep attacking, since im not using an attack that has too much fire power i wouldnt kill myself usually unless im lagging however you do need to be careful otherwise you'd die easily.
on the yellow elites after i finish off the minions i'd usually HA and vault over it till it dies.
you can generally live off health globes using this build especially if you have good pickup radius and ill only gloom against phasebeasts or RD elites.

could any1 explain how strafe builds are better then that, and if they are what am i missing with them ?
EDIT: today after getting some pickup radius items and trying out some more different strafe variations versus this build i managed to get 72 million exp per hour using my build. 7:30 minute with 9 million exp gain, and im not even using a perfect ruby in my helm.

also sorry for the wall of text =].
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In a game it's not only about efficiency.People tend to forget that sometimes :/

Well...the build you mentioned is pretty much the standard build for DHs.
One could get boring really fast playing that one, just because he sees it so often :) Strafe Build is sth new,its fresh and interesting.Strafe might not deal as much dmg but it's hella fun.And to me it seems way more fluent.
I saw many people testing it on low MPs and some were faster with HA/EA and some were faster strafing.The difference on low MPs is that small that it's probably a thing of taste.

You are prolly more the HA/EA type and not a friend of strafing/the playstyle doesnt fit you.That's okay.Most of the Strafe players prolly think the same way of HA/EA, which is why they are taking another build.

I think it's nice to see different builds out there that are actually viable...not like in the Barb Section where everyone goes Faceroll-WW...

I don't know what Strafe-Builds you tried , but first I felt the same way like you. The fun Strafe offered just wasn't worth the lack of dmg.Until I found Caltrops-Jagged Spikes.
They are !@#$in awesome.Just Strafe through Trashmobs, leave 2 Caltrops there and let them finish the mobs off.When you are facing elites,spam caltrops under the elite pack while strafing and fill up your disc with prep to place some more :)

Here's the build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#SdYVgh!bXZ!YbbbYZ
You can also add Chakram - Shuriken Cloud for extra dmg.

And remember: Always exploit Shadow Power with Strafe/Shuriken Cloud!
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hmm i get what you'r saying it's just that all ive been seeing lately is how strafe is the fastest way to farm paragon and gear. tried your build earlier and i can see why people like it but i dont really get into it.. i just love vaulting in the faces of mobs and watching them burn =].
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Try this instead


when you run into a bigger mob or elite, just use fan of knives

works much better
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You have a very good DH, btw how come do you clear alkaizer run that fast @.@
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piag, with my build i was almost at all times at 84% move speed while vaulting ALL of the time,
mobs die in a single hit and elites in 3~4 seconds. i was just running throu the route.
atm i've been trying out some new strafe builds for a change of pace and got a maximum of 10 minute alkaizers with this build which is pretty fun, slower then my original but still pretty good.
the thing is i vault continuosly so im getting a big speed bonus. but i have to give up fan of knives for prep
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Yes but you're using trail of cinders... it's a waste of discipline if you 1shot everything anyway, so why not use tumble and drop prep for an offensive skill?

Instead of using trail of cinders in mobby areas, you use vault/tumble to travel, and replace prep with fan of knives to be your main AOE skill

These strafe builds are much more favorable for legacy users, where you can take advantage of shadow glide + vault at the same time...
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@mystical, i use ToC as an extra dps for yellow elites and to skip lonely white mobs. instead of wasting times to cast a shot i just vault throu them. since im not going lower at anytime then 1.84% move speed it saves ALOT of time. also the discipline reduction is soo low from tumble that i just prefer the extra dmg. it works wonders. the main idea would be to get to the big mob cast bl at the same as vault and the ones that i didnt crit would get destroyed from the ToC. also BL has such a big radius that another AoE skill would be useless especially with that CD. add to that the fact that im using soo much discipline vaulting around that prep is a MUST or i wont be able to perma vault and gloom.

and fyi have been playing with this new strafe build as a change of pace and i perma shadow glide and vault ToC as much as i want no problem. i just have to take prep back up plan to sustain me. which is alright because i get so much more dps then those legacy users that im doing it ALOT faster.
the end result being, the only people i have seen running faster then i am and getting more exp have both a better exp gem in their helm and alot better gear then i do. now that i've picked up al this pickup radius im clearing alkaizer in 7:00
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In a game it's not only about efficiency.People tend to forget that sometimes :/

Well...the build you mentioned is pretty much the standard build for DHs.
One could get boring really fast playing that one, just because he sees it so often :) Strafe Build is sth new,its fresh and interesting.Strafe might not deal as much dmg but it's hella fun.And to me it seems way more fluent. Try this....http://d3up.com/b/882679
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