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red flag...

So I lvld up a WD.Steamrolled through hell got a few ahead wps and killed Diablo at 56.Had a some nice lvl reduced items of course that made that possible.Ran act 3 pubs until I hit 60.Cheaply geared her, mostly stuff I found on my barb but didn't go in ah sales.Did Act 1 inferno easily even speced slightly dpsy.Act 2 I started to see I was takin' some damage,so I bought a couple cheap uprades for vit and ar and armor,and respeced back to defense skills.

Started heading for Magda Shatterbone was easy thanks to pets.Anyway killed Magda and headed down in the sewers.I kinda forgot about my possible squishiness since I was rollin' right along and then Bam!Arcane waller frozen desecrater snake guys in a tight little corridor.I use spirit walk sometimes to for the sprint in between mobs and had just used it.(note to self ..be careful with that!)I see a little arcane dot spawn next to me so I know its about to pop ...but.. I figure I can hit acid rain and pop a few darts before I run.Then Bam! I am walled in....Spirit walk still on cd for a few secs.Bam! the arcane (the clockhand part)pops right on me,desocrates are stackin up oh @#$%.Health drainin oh so fast.My little Wd life is flashin before my eyes!Don't panic and ...dont hit esc..I tell myself... hit potion.BAM SV procs..I run my #$% out and let my pets clog up the corridor.Darted at them from off screen(I wanted to be that far away,I was crappin mah drawers) to loh my health back.Whew!!!!

So ya I'm gonna go farm on my Barb now and get gear lols..the point...well there really isn't one ,this is just a story I'm typing to calm down whilst I drink a beer.But I will say ...SVs an awesome skill but if it procs,to me that's a red flag that my gear ain't cuttin it or to look at my spec for the act or difficulty I'm trying.

Also if you use reduced lvl gear to bomb through hell,and act 1 inferno is easy with a few upgrades to that,don't underestimate act 2,I always make sure I'm geared for act 3 and 4 but act 2 sometimes I lump in with act 1 I guess because they seem so similar as you are leveling up.
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This kind of story is always best when you come out alive on the other end! I think that the best lesson in it is:

12/05/2012 10:10 PMPosted by HeavyMetalz
I use spirit walk sometimes to for the sprint in between mobs and had just used it.(note to self ..be careful with that!)

Totally legit way to use spirit walk, but it can be dangerous, as you found out. I personally try to use restraint with spirit walk so that I'm in the habit of only using it when I actually need it. That's just my preference, though - there are a million ways to play.

Glad you lived to fight on! :)
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