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Bonus Damage and 'Black Weapons'

I'm currently using a 1H Black weapon and a 1H Poison weapon. Am I right in assuming that the bonus elemental damage from Inna's Favor will only be applied to one of them? If I have 2 Black weapons, does the damage get added on to both?
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I've been told by some in the know that since 1.05 (or maybe even 1.0.4), the bonus elemental damage applies to all damage, not just black damage (although I don't think this change was not included in any of the patch notes).

There are, however, conflicting views about this, so I'd love to hear about whether there has been actual testing done in this area in the most recent patch to see whether this is the case.
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See "(Almost) Everything You Should Know about DPS":


Black damage and the "Adds X% to <Elemental> Damage" affix show up around post #6, but I think it's worth reading from the beginning. That said, I might be biased ;)

According to Druin, these mods are additive, not multiplicative. I don't have a link to that information and haven't yet tested it myself, but I'm guessing it's correct, given the source.
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PS. It really ought to be called "white damage," like white weapons. But I digress, as I usually do.
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Interesting calculation on the % bonus elemental damage.

Thing to consider is that the more xx-xx avg damage you stack on amulet & rings, the more these % bonus elemental damage will benefit.

You can get elemental damage from a lot of gear, popular ones amongst monks are:

Inna Belt
Zuni boots

The 4 can provide up to 30% extra damage... that's a lot of extra damage... especially if you're using a black (white) weapon with no elemental damage on it.
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What's a "Black Damage"?

There's just Damage (and extra damage) and there's elemental damage like arcane, fire, holy, ice, poison, lightning (did i miss one?)
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12/06/2012 03:04 AMPosted by frisch
What's a "Black Damage"?

Its a new (at least gaming wise) term coined by D3 players when the background on their weapons is just that, black. Meaning that the damage isn't being increased by one of the elements you just listed.

For those of us who have played multiple games that mechanics like this come into play, the more common term is "white damage" which is why Vrkhyz mentioned that I'm guessing.
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Actually, I don't play games like this other than D3; I think of it as "white damage" only because white weapons don't have elemental damage. But thanks for the info!

@frisch: If a weapon has a tooltip damage range of 400-700 and +100-200 lightning damage, it has a "black damage" range of 300-500. Certain affixes affect black damage only.
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