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Insane.. You better check this out, Blizzard.

I wanna let you guys know there's a game company in Korea who stupidly copy-and-paste from Diablo3 everything into their 'brand new game' called 'Devilian'. You would see a bunch of screenshots and game videos through this link. Though it's written in Korea, you would get the idea. They just copy it. Hope you guys sue this stupid company to stop developing this awful copycat game.


this game basically steals every features and images from Diablo3 and WoW.
They started CBT from today. It's just shameful even for us, Korean gamers.

Please, please stop them!
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Every boss monster in this game look exactly same as diablo 3.
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Will the also included the promised features of D3, that didn't make it into the final game, because that was too much work for the D3 devlopers?

In this case I would love to play the game.
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Are they out of beta yet? Is there character customization, and PvP? Is there a way to sign up? Link please
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Azmodan and Diablo got tired of being killed by Nephalems and wen't to Korea to have their revenge with humanity :D
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LOL their boss that looks like Azmodan is a fusion of Azmo, Butcher, Ghom, Rakanoth, Kulle, and Maghdah in mechanics, using a lot of the same effects in the same colors. This is hilarious.
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lol, there are way better Chinese ones out there, but unfortunately I cant speak Chinese. Hopefully someone will translate them soon, learning Chinese is hard :(
Been heaps of posts about it before.

Really says a lot when they can make something better than D3 (which took 11 years) in less than one year.

Edit: This is one of the posts I was talking about http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7199402512
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Why cry so much when it looks like a really fun game to play :D

Can i play the game or do is it only for koreans atm?
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they got the women proportions generously right
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Yeah this is one big ripoff. There was some other korean promoting this stolen game on the forum and I thought exactly the same. This is just stealing.
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There are lots of duplicate Korean games like this.. they may get by if they change a few things here and there. Honestly it looks pretty good..I want to play it lol They sure know how to proportion women, them wiggles.
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Maybe they will do a better job of monitoring/banning bots on that game.....
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Some parts look Diablo esque but lots I seen do not, Blizzard cannot own a general image of a devil.. altho I could see them sueing Christian churches for showing the Devil in paintings.
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I'm actually interested in one "Dungeon Striker". Also from South Korea, Heavy Diablo influence, but it's the class system and crafting that got my attention.

And bonus: Deformed cutesy characters. /MOE.
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its actually sad, Diablo used to be considerd one of the best Games ever or still is (Diablo2-xpac) but diablo 3 kind of dropped the ball i think.

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Keep On Grinding Diablo 3!!!
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Thats not America... Different rules apply which makes this complicated when it comes to sueing. This crap happens all the time internationally and its BS.
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I have to admit, I'd definately want more !@#$le bits. :(
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