If blizzard wants to make titan a success they shouldn't make an MMO first! they should make single player story games, like warcraft 1-3 and frozen throne, THEN with an established backstory, characters and player interest make the MMO. Blizzard also needs to work on story in their mmos, i mean you grind out really not that great story from level 1- max level tier, 60,70, 80, 85, 90 then the story hits, need more story, kind of like what Star Wars the Old Republic did, LOTS of voice overs.... sorry ALL voice overs. granted the Cataclysm revamp of old world improved the Leveling Story substantially! Still needs work .... would be cool if you made cinematic events through out the game,

i like the idea of companion characters! good story booster, maybe you only get 1 companion through out the entire game maybe not. Maybe there are choices, like man or women for your companion! Each with comments before during and or after turning in quests. Maybe said companion has indepth and or intreging story that draws players into their story line.

I think it would be cool if blizzards new mmo was in a Space age with fancy, impressive technology. Better looking then SWTOR mind you... never did like the clothing look or technology look in star wars... WoW was in medieval now its time for space! be original! no star wars or star trek rip offs!

Multiple races, ship to ship combat, not just a rail shooter like in swtor.

Maybe class specializations 5 levels to max level! giving you new abilities and talents!

At the same time don't make it too hard on computer systems (is that even possible with awesome graphics?)

also Try not to combine too many classes like swtor did.... in swtor every class except the knights and warriors can dps, tank and heal.... fail.

maybe "Heavy armor" could be "Power Armor" increasing player size and.... girth?

include races specific classes and outfits, clothing and or armor for all races, deck out your human in this full fancy alien look :P (maybe some aliens can do things that other aliens can't)
a ship of your own that you can travel around the galaxy in Allow ship appearance customizations, both at character creation screen and at a specified location with in the game. Unlockable ship parts, through ingame events and or achievements!
allow up to five party members to come along as passengers, allow them to man the guns during space combat. Engineering station provides heals to the ship while gunnery stations provide wide area dps, Party leader (ship owner) flies the ship, and has control of main weapons. Free roam flight within operational area, flying out of operational area will "Jump" you to FTL and out of the area back to say... galaxy map.

Multiple worlds. Star Trek onlines biggest failure was focusing TOO much on ship action and not enough on Ground action... and their unwillingness to make NEW story content (read that on a developer blog) my hope is that blizzard could bridge the gap, also i do enjoy how blizzard pokes fun at various sci fi and fantasy genres etc.

Obvious rep, crafting, auction house, achievements, weapon skills, instead of improving as you use said weapon, how about you need to purchase an upgrade at certain level tiers. You know, basic weapon skill could be at 25 flat, then at the next level tier you purchase an upgrade to 50 weapon skill.

LOL as you've no doubt noticed my heart is set on a space age mmo :P heres hoping!