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Need advice on decent DPS & Survivability


That's my profile, how do I improve my DH? Please advice! =) Currently able to farm and survive up to MP4 (dying an average of 2~3 times in MP4, none in MP3).
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Holy cow.... well your dex is way too low. Need to look at getting at least 2000. Then I'd look at adding Crit Chance across the board or Average Damage to jewelry.

You need to do more damage. I think MP4 will get easier around 55k dps. Then like 70k for MP5 and so on. Other than that, your stats are decent.

So areas to work on:

Get CC above 35%, Dex at least 2000, Add Average Damage to jewelry (search by highest with other stats defined in search below).

You have decent Crit Damage, although Dual Wield Max CD is 750%. Danetta's set max is 650%.
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1) pre cast gloom before refreshing shuriken cloud, sCloud will retain the 15% leech it's whole duration

2) need crit% on your ring/amulet/gloves; stop with the LoH, your Gloom is for that. your crit_damage% is such a small proportion of your DPS.... you want another +20-26% on your gear (10% amulet, 10% gloves, 6% ring)

3) stop wasting discipline on ToC, use tumble; keep the discipline for gloom (same with jagged spikes... try a sentry instead with Guardian for the "numbing" effect to stand around

use Echos for Numbing
use a guardian to multiply that
hold your ground with Gloom usage
you may be better off with nightstalker <- numbing traps

4) too much vitality vs all resistance, get 600 all resistance before breaking 65k life

5) drop out those amythysts in chest/pants for emeralds to help the dps

6) you have 1500 dex, this means 16 dex = 1% effective DPS
160 dex is a whopping 10%

7) andys have horrible survival. a rare with 100+ dex, 70 all resistance, socket and 4-5% crit would do you better

8) shoulders, pick up a cheap vile ward with over 180 dex

9) we have a similair build style, check out my profile

notice the crit% I stack with crit_damage% (mostly from weapons, though I have a decent amulet) roughly 92% of ALL my dps is from critical strikes.
your criticals mean everything

I under emphasis ias, because even at only 30% (15% on gear +15% DW bonus)
9% is only a 7% increase (9%/130%)
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Good god, spend some gold on your gear man.
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