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My legendary drops PL45-80

Hi gals and guys,

This is not a QQ thread I just wanted to share how drops have been for me and ask you if yours have been similar. My profile on EU for reference http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/EshkoBeshko-2955/hero/19017907
As you can see my gear is by no means Über. I have some good piece but that's about it.

Here is the list:

Andariel's visage X 8 (none with socket)
Mempo of twilight X 1 (int roll, no crit)
Dark Mage's Shade X 13 (no comment on this one)
Storm Crow X 3 (none with socket or crit)
Tiklandian Visage X 4 (Lol?)
Visage of Guyia X 5 (none with crit or zombie dogs)
Zunimassa's Vision X 6 (none with crit)
Tzo Krin's gaze X 3
Madstone X 7
Inna's radiance x 4 (best sold for 2.7 million)
Immortal King's triumph x 2 (both terrible rolls)
Natalya's sight x 3 (none with crit)
Vile Ward x 1 (terrible roll)
Cindercoat x 5 (no comment)
The Inquisitor x 4
Natalya's imbrace x 9 (best one currently on my alt DH)
Promise of glory x 2
Strongarm bracer x 6 (none with all res roll)
Gladiator Gauntlets x 12 (one actually sold for 100 k: 47& crit damage roll)
Frostburn gauntlets x 1 (thank god)
Ik Irons x 1 (worst roll on the market)
Blackthorne's notched belt x 1
ageless might x 6
lamentation x 17 (i hate this belt)
IK tribal binding x 2 (one good roll, sold for 50 million)
Inna's temperance x 2 (one was worst roll on the market. Second one on my barb)
Ice climbers x 2 (better one on my barb)
Mara's Kaleidoscope x 1
Xephirian amulet x 1
The star of Azkaranth x 1
Hierophants' seal x 1
Ivory tower x 14
Stormshield x 3 (best one sold for 1.5 m)
Thing of the deep x 5 (best one on my WD)
The burning axe of sanktis x 2
Sky splitter x 4
Wizardspike x 2 (one rolled lowest possible dps LOL?)
Sunkeeper x 1
Echoing fury x 1 (crappy int roll)
Empyrean Meesenger x 5
Azurewrath x 2
Sever x 13
the Gidbinn x 2
Last Breath x 1
Manajuma's Carving Knife x 2 (none with socket, better one on my WD)
Blade of the warlord x 1 (sold 5 million)
Bul Kathos's x1 of each (crappy rolls)
Sledge of Athskeleng x 7
Schaeffer's Hammer x 2
Heart Slaughter x 1
Vigilance x 2
Wormwood x 4
The Tormentor x 5
The Grand Vizier x 1
Warmonger x 1
The Grandfather x 1
Maximus x 1 (crappy roll)
Inna's reach x 1
The Gavel of Judgement x 4
Hellrack x 1
Pus Spitter x 3
Dawn x 3
Balefire caster x 17 (definately my most hated legendary)
Natalya's Slayer x 1
Fragment of destiny x 2
Slorak's madness x 2 (crappy rolls again)
Chantodo's Will x 1 (sold 17.5 million)

So that's it. I just want to add, that paragon levels 45-80 have benn made after patch 1.05 came out.

Please share your experinces. I ask myself is it my luck or do crappy legendaries have a higher chance to drop then others?
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That's a pretty nice list. Thanks for the post.
Btw, I've only seen a handfull of those legs so far, but I got a lot farther to go.
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My earliest recorded drop was lvl 41. I have about 250 videos of me ID'ing an item that I found. I think maybe 20-30 were from 1.04, all single item ID videos, and a lot of the rest were double or triple ID. Once I feel like doing it, I am going to make a video of them all alongside the dates gained.
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