Sigh, so the hard lesson is: my first HC character died yesterday, P10 Wizard =/ I was able to clear Inferno with the stats, but a bit of badluck and some crazy elite phase beasts pwned me during an A3 run.

Rather than dwell on what can't be changed, I wanted to get back on the saddle and enjoy Inferno (Wizard again) and the game again as soon as possible. I was wondering if anyone would mind helping me by opening up the waypoints from Zique's power leveling guide:

For ease of reference, should take a minute and it would be:
Act 1 > 6. The Broken Blade > Talk to Alaric
Act 1 > 9. The Imprisoned Angel > The Cursed Hold
Act 2 > 8. The Black Soulstone > Begin Quest
Act 3 > 7. Heart of Sin > Begin Quest
Act 4 > 4. Prime Evil > Enter the Crystal Arch

This will be a good start and it will take me a bit to get through this to lvl 30. Also, I've never done this, but will the waypoint for that quest automatically be available to me then?

Would be super happy with some simple waypoints, but would definitely accept any type of contributions as well (Flawless Square gems, spare Wizard gear) or free power leveling, even if it's a quick run somewhere.

I will be on for an hour tonight and a ton this weekend, feel free to leave your tag too if you can't help now but maybe this weekend.

Thanks HC community.