Okay so I was reading a QQ thread http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7199913988 (and I know its not the first time RD has been a topic of discussion) about D3 and its requirement for DPS stacking and how the Reflects Damage Affix punishes this "requirement".

I wrote out a response and was unable to post because it was full but I wanted to still share my opinion/experience. Therefore I started this thread. The following is the OP (with Title since it is needed for reference) and what I would have posted in the mentioned thread:

TITLE: "I've had it with reflect damage"
A few days ago I started to spend some gold I recently acquired from a good sale, but as I got more DPS... seriously, I don't even feel like elaboration is necessary at this point, it's been done to death, I think.

It needs to go! End of story. It's Iron Maiden all over again.

(my response- FYI there is a TL;DR included)
I don't understand, I'm not the most elite player although I do have skills I have been playing games all my life. When it comes to D3 sometimes i don't go with the mainstream ideas on gearing because in my head i think I'm doing it right based on my assumptions on how !@#$ works.

I have never really had a problem with reflect damage, yes it kills me sometimes , or i engage a mob and start taking insane amounts of damage very quickly and realize after a second or 2 that "oh the mob must have reflects damage affix". But Ive never had a reason to complain about it.

Most classes have some type of skill/gearing options to negate or assist in compensating for reflect damage that fit into a normal build. Barbs have a life-steal passive and life-steal belts (which obviously work better with a high dps/ias) and lots of defensive bonuses that make RD manageable.
Demon Hunters have gloom with rune (cant remember which one, or maybe the rune is gloom) that returns health when damaged or is like a LS (cant remember). I'm sure other classes have similar solutions for RD.

Also to those who %^-*! that 1/30 affixes is a pain in the @#$, At the time being the way most gamers play d3 (SC) usually includes KW runs, Ubers, and Low MP speed runs (alkeizer runs) and this play-style doesn't require you to kill every elite mob. So whats the harm in skipping the mob?

And to the OP, Can you explain what the policy is that prevents people from viewing your profile? Ive never seen that before (well i can view your profile, but it shows a level 1 monk with no gear).

*****TL;DR *****
Not sure what the fuss is about Ive never had any unmanageable RD encounters
Many play-styles allow RD mitigation without need for a niche build
Don't %^-*!, Skip the mob and move on, it shouldn't make your objective unobtainable
Why cant I view OP's profile? Not familiar with the reason "blizzards strict profile privacy"

Anyway I'm not being condescending, I just don't understand the reason people are having such a hard time, especially when blizzard is catering to people by lowering difficulty and providing the option to play the way you want to play.

Good luck and i hope you figure it out :)
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