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My demon hunter

Hello my fellow demon hunter's. I need help on upgrading my gear. My DH, Firmir, is a SS build(flame me all you want I like it...) Should I get Life on hit/kill and Life stealing? or just go all out pew pew? I can kill everything easy up to MP3, only one I have a problem is Reflect damage mobs.

Any info would be awesome.
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*noms on popcorn*
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*gets another bag of popcorn and continues to nom...* Hello?
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If I were you,

I would start with more CC
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First look around this board and look at people's profiles and builds. Your build has 4 hatred spenders which is far too many and you don't have a hatred generator. One you want a hatred generator like Hungering Arrow. Also DHs have the best answer to reflect damage, Shadow Power - Gloom. Switch out the two hatred spenders you use the least and put in a Hatred Generator and SP - Gloom.

On to your gear, gloves can roll attack speed, crit chance and crit damage. Your gloves have none of these, look in getting gloves with your Main stat + one or two of the DPS builders I mention. After this i think you will be on your way to being a more viable DH. Good luck.
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I kind of feel like I'm being trolled by this profile. Not one...single...hatred regen attack? So...you basically blow your wad in a couple seconds, then...?????

Basically what Kadderly is saying is true. You can use SS if you want, to each his own...but you really need a more balanced spec. Shadow Power - Gloom is an absolute must...that is our life steal and one of the best skills in our arsenal. You need to look for trifecta stats on your gear...more crit chance, crit damage, attack speed. Going with base vit/dext just isn't enough to go on.
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12/06/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Damiean
I kind of feel like I'm being trolled by this profile.

It crossed my mind too. lol
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I think you should try replacing Smokescreen with Spike trap, and Companion with Strafe for some extra fire power
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