Diablo® III

A villagers plight, collaborative story

Chadul collected his sleeping things and placed them neatly into his pack. A small rocky outcrop provided his shelter on this night. It worked well for what it was but he knew a few hours sleep was all he could gamble. The constant trickle of water on rock filled his head, a brief break from the constant shrills that seemed to eternally plague the air. Taking this moment to collect his head he ambled toward the small stream of water nearby. Filling his canteen with what could possibly pass for drinkable water his attention was drawn to the unnerving sounds of beasts nearby. He knew that his trek would lead him into the deepest of the creatures territory but it was the only way, besides the place he left wasn’t going to be much better off. When they had first appeared his sledge was the only thing that kept him from the fate of so many of his friends. Being the blacksmith had its benefits, he swung two large sledges like twigs. He half heartedly laughed at his situation, laughter being the one thing left that wasn’t quite so black. At this he readied himself as a swarm of cackling beasts came rushing towards him from the forests edge. The field he was in gave him plenty of room to swing his weapons. The two giant sledges he crafted himself after hell first opened had treated him well, don’t fail me now he thought. The first of them connected with his maul ending in a bloody spatter that covered him from head to toe, the next met the same fate. Soon all lay at his side, a wide stream of blood flowing into the stream nearby. He washed himself as best he could and advanced toward the forest where the demons had emerged. He knew if he didn’t finish off their clan leaders they would be a constant threat, hitting him in small groups wearing him down slowly. He’d dealt with other clans like these, relentless, bloodthirsty, only living for death. As he looked for any signs of these bastards caves a sudden flash of light burst through the air ahead of him, a series of quick cracks of what sounded of thunder rang out, the flashes leaving him temporarily blind. Taking cover behind a tree a horrible bout of howls and screams began, many ending as abruptly as they had started. The not so unfamiliar sound of sizzling flesh was the only thing that could be heard after the initial commotion. He peered around the tree and saw a figure in the distance, not a demon he was quite sure, human rather. How peculiar he though, he hadn't seen anyone since he’d left his village. It was dark but he could just barely make out the outline of countless corpse’ strewn about the partially torchlit encampment. The human figure boldly walked among the bodies collecting what looked like trinkets off the corpse as they went. Chadul felt the urge to call out to the person but the flashes of death were fresh in his mind. He knew not if this person met him harm so he stayed put watching as the figure disappeared into the distance. His decision to continue to follow this stranger weighed heavily on him, it felt foolish almost.
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