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Post if ur TIRED of Nerf Reflect QQ threads

Yup, an assortment of WEAK characters makes you an expert on an affix designed to punish HIGH dps right?

fail more kid, fail more please

Again, paper DPS with EXTREMELY LOW EHP and LIFE SUSTAIN. Of course you're gonna die. The affix was designed to melt brainless people like you. :)

Also, your items aren't expensive to reach. Many of us just choose not to waste gold on a pointless investment since the fact is: Surviving will always be better than dying. Balance will always be key, not that DPS mongrels like you will understand. ;)

By the way, you haven't noticed that your life sustain abilities are EXTREMELY LOW. You have what, a measly 700 Life on Hit for your *cough* massive damage?

Couple that with a "laughable" EHP hoping that you'll actually survive. Here let me post it for you, you can do the calculations yourself. I ain't teaching math to children like you and Chillaxin.

Diablo "Oozy" (Oozababanya#1460)
Softcore Americas Wizard 60

DPS Unbuffed: 247,987.75 <---------------- wow a high paper dps.
world: 1954 (wizard: 786)
Americas: 574 (wizard: 244)

EHP Unbuffed: 240,714 <---------------- wow. a cow's hide EHP :))
world: 50K+ (wizard: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (wizard: 22049)

Life: 32,652 <------------------- You mitigate spike damage with this?
world: 50K+ (wizard: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (wizard: 29927)

Life per Second: 204 <----------------------- what is this crap?
world: 50K+ (monk: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (monk: 37088)

Life on Hit: 706 <------------------------ ROFL. Yeah, you deserve to die. :)
world: 50K+ (monk: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (monk: 26741)

i love how one character accounts such as yourself claim such imbalances with no experience aside from a one character standpoint that has barely any life sustain abilities.

Paper DPS means nothing, show us some video proof that you recorded yourself.
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I have 700 AR 5.5k Armour (with passive), 2.9% Life steal and 700+ LoH and Reflect still smashes me.

I have 700k Ehp and my dps is still to much to deal with and dont tell me to lower my dps because that is not what diablo is about. I shouldnt have to turn up to a group of mobs and change 3 pieces of gear just so I do less dps and have 6% LS and 1.5k LoH.

This mechanic IS broken because compared to everything else, reflect is extremely hard to deal with. It is an anomaly and must be fixed.

Hi mate, to mitigate reflect with your damage. I agree that you need at least a 6% life steal coupled with other life regen/gain factors. I do suggest taking out LoH however. Since it will not do justice with your high DPS.

Also, if possible you should exchange one of your spirit regen skills with Keen Eye. Looking at your skill build, most of them are extremely offense oriented and might not be the best choices against RD packs at higher MP's. Keen Eye however, will still work with combination strike and will give you the defense boost that you need in tight situations.

If soloing is your game, i would also suggest exchanging MoC-Overawe with MoE-Backlash. Backlash's damage will scale with your attack speed, so i'm guessing from a default of 65% damage yours should be around 94% ~ 114% damage returned. That skill alone procs unbelievably well with your Life Steal. Surviving against RD then should/will be effortless to you now. :)

Lastly, since you do a lot of damage so vice-versa is returned to you. It would be best to swap Serenity-Ascension with Serenity-Instant Karma to yield a much faster kill time. :)
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12/09/2012 06:13 PMPosted by ZRaiyne
Again, paper DPS with EXTREMELY LOW EHP and LIFE SUSTAIN. Of course you're gonna die. The affix was designed to melt brainless people like you. :)

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