Well, I mainly made this for my AMV and gaming channel. All my subs are getting a little ansy for my 150th AMV Special, so I made this with a few updates to tie them over till I get it out in a few days.

Had my buddy NoneLikeJoshua (Dj Ephixa) supply me with a mix for use in the video himself. he sent me one he already made, but that's fine. If you wanna see other videos I've collabed with Dj Ephixa on, look no further than the link below the D3 Video. Anywho, enjoy:

If you would like to see more videos of DIablo 3 or any other games in the future, of this quality or better, let me know.

Diablo 3-Inferno-94K DPS LoH Monk [Diablo Takedown + Updates] HD:



-Ephixa- [AMV Exclusive Ft. NoneLikeJoshua] HD

Just so you know this video is legit, he says my name (TwilightChrono) in the song itself in conjunction with his name. Anywho, here is my other collaboration with him:



Let me know what you guys think if the Diablo video. Or the other or both. It's up to you. leave a comment on the video itself or here.

Name of the remix used in the Diablo video is in the video itself during the Diablo fight.

If you would like some more vids and have your name put out there either in a party format setting with me recording or just to have a party vid on youtube, let me know.