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Just started hardcore, couple questions

Hello all, got bored the other day and started a hardcore character up, not quite sure on a couple things though...

Well first question is i only have the one hardcore character. If i where to die, does the gold, blacksmith progression, etc. reset to nothing since i don't have another hardcore character to preserve what i have, or does it stay regardless?

Next one is before i started i pumped it up to MP10, and just hit level 20 before killing the butcher. Now, is act 2 acceptable for running on Mp10 normal as well, or should i tone it down a bit for those god forsaken flies?

Appreciate the help guys :)
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Hello, welcome. :)

All of the gold and crafting progression you make is saved, regardless of character death. I've lost all my characters to death numerous times, and you have full access to your "war chest" when you begin anew.

If you're doing well with MP10 and you have enough cash to keep getting upgrades, go ahead and keep it on MP10. I would definitely turn it off for your fight with Belial though.

One minor note: on your profile page on the D3 website, your HC progression will show zero progress, however. So if you beat the game on Hardcore and kill Inferno Diablo, and that character dies, your profile page shows no progress in the campaign. It's lame, I hope they fix that.

My profile is sadly a good example. My progress is Inferno Act 1 but my current dead character is Level 22. I haven't archived him in the Hall of Fallen Heroes yet, but once I do my progress will show zero.

EDIT: Actually, ha, I usually don't archive them. So maybe it's only when you delete them entirely.
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12/06/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Requiescat
I would definitely turn it off for your fight with Belial though.

+1 im playing HC for the first time and wen't to kill Belial with my bro.. man.. i was so gratefull for the vit and armor i have.. mp0 and he one hit me 500hp and my bro 700.. that was atm like.. 30% of my total hp.. that was scary.. but with my bros pets.. and hydra we made it :D..
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