i'm getting to that annoying stage where every upgrade is stupid expensive and somewhat unclear, so i could use the expertise of some of the more experienced cm/ww wiz's out there.

things i know:
- i need about 100m for a 220/120 vile ward (+50 vit)
- i need about 150m for a 9ias/6cc/60ar/int main ring (+1.5cc)
- i need about 100m for a double socket blacthornes mail (+50 int)
- i need about 100m for a material upgrade at .25 chant wand w/socket (1100dps) but dps is not my focus.

things i don't know:
- are ice climbers the best bet for boots? is it worth it to go with nat's boot/ring for the extra cc?
- what's the best bet for getting cd into the build without breaking the bank? the only things i can get cd on are gloves ($$), ring ($$), or blackthornes ammy ($$$$$$$$$).
- what's a good balance of life and all res? are there common numbers to shoot for?

Thanks in advance guys :)