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Marked for death-grim reaper+sever

Hey guys, I just found a way to use legendary item “sever”s special option, 'slain enemies rest in peace.' The answer is Demon Hunter’s marked for death-grim reaper. Sever's special option gives player a massive damage killing blow every time when you kill mobs but it doesn't matter that the mobs die from 1milion damage or 100million damage, it only gives huge lifesteal back.

However with grim reaper, an additional 12% of damage done to the target is also divided among all enemies within 20 yards. Barbarian and wizard can deal easily over 200 000 000 and its 12% of damage, which is 24 000 000 is dealing to the mobs around. But you can deal this damage to mobs only when you kill the mob that got grim reaper with sever and when there are mobs within 20 yards.

It would be ideal to form a party with a demdon hunter, hammer of the ancient barbarian,
cm wiz, and a cyclone strike monk, but only with a dh and barb will still work if barb kill weak mobs and dh use grim reaper on top of it with control.

Here are few videos that I've searched on youtube.
performed in mp7, but i bet with this combination, people can easily do mp10.
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12/05/2012 10:07 AMPosted by Mojo
Sever's special option gives player a massive damage killing blow every time when you kill mobs
please describe this more

I'm seeing the barb crit for 72million -- what value of weapon% is that proc?
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So, any DHs wanna get a good Sever and a shield and try this out with chakram and spike trap? I wounder what kind of farming this could do.
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just bought a 1135dps sever with socket to try it out, it works, but my dps is kinda low with sever and stormshield. First initial thought is it's not fast enough and works only when the group of mobs are melee attackers. Might make it viable doing ubers solo though. Will give it a better test when i get home.
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But a DH without a bow of some sort? I like the idea but this puts the DH in melee range which they are not the best at. Not to mention, do they even have any primary attacks that work with melee weapons? How are they generating hatred?
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Is it possible to have this in our offhand and a calamity in the main hand?
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I've tried it. It's a nice trick but you sacrifice too much, and there's too much micromanagement needed for too little reward.

If the mobs are squishy enough that 12% of the overkill divided up is enough to kill them, half your time will be spent marking targets and trying to kill it (the only accurate skills we have sans bows are like, Impale and Razor Disk). Any higher than MP3 or so and mobs have too much hp for this to work effectively.

^No, if you're holding a Sever you can't use any kind of ranged weapon at all, only a shield.
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I opted with gas grandes for hatred generator, with jagged spikes, chakram, spike traps, and some defensive skills.
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DH's are not allowed to dual with with melee weapons.
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12/05/2012 12:11 PMPosted by BoyNamedGoo
Not to mention, do they even have any primary attacks that work with melee weapons? How are they generating hatred?

Grenades don't require a bow.
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Couldn't this work with Spike Trap?

I'm also unclear...the damage only comes from killing blows? So it would be essentially useless against Bosses/Ubers? Unless you could lure the Adds to them...
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I will explain better this time.
equip barb or wizard with sever, and DH cast grim reaper on the mob that barb or wiz is about to kill.
sever+socket wont sacrifice much of damage for barb and wiz since it gives extra 100% crit damage with emerald gem, and their deal is huge anyways.

For uber, if u kill one uber boss, that's like instant huge deal for another boss.
Also, uber bosses are demon, so up to extra +25% (sever's other option.)

I will post this to barbarian forums too, so barb+DH can form party and try it out
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please describe this more

I'm seeing the barb crit for 72million -- what value of weapon% is that proc?

that must be bad damage done by barbarian's hammer of the ancient, not the effect of sever+grim reaper
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AH i see


152.6 million crit and that kills the mob
then the splash decimates about 1/3 of the life on the Champion south
killing it instantly (as well as all other mobs)

from the comments
the Slain proc produces a multiplier on the skill used for the killing blow

does anyone know this mechanic value?
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after testing a bit, the killing pieces proc is approx a x10 damage modifier

possibly anywhere from 8x-12x though
I can't equip enough +min damage to destroy it's variance

I base this on sCloud on naked lvl 60 DH doing as low as 427 (with whites hitting around 1000 at best)

the absolute smallest death kill I saw was for 5100

typical sCloud death proc was a bold 8k-12k
sCloud splash was typically between 700-1000
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I made of vid using Grim and sever:


Lovin it!
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Does it work with a WD using CoB?
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There is a similar thread on this board.

Here is my question (quote from my post)

"If what spreads (throuth M4D) is the sever's last hit, then 12% of the amount is roughly in the magnitude of 10 M. Since it will be divided by the number of nearby targets. On average, each target will undergo a not that huge damage (millions, or even less)."
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