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Recount's Budget Build Guide 1.0.6

Excellent guide, Recount. Great that u took the time to put it together. The WD community does seem to be much more constructive & helpful ;-)
It reminds me of the fantastic guides u could get in D2, quickly laying out the generation of an *affordable* build that works well.

Might be worthwhile writing a Part 2 section (if u hv time), either:
A 2nd stage setup (eg: once they've farmed for a bit & now hv a few more mill to play with - such as the Zuni set being awesome for overcoming a major problem for the WD (Mana regen) and a reasonable set of 4 pieces can be obtained for abt 1 mill a piece); or
A few alt builds *quickly* covered - eg: pet doctors, 0 CD Zombie Dog build, etc - just a basic summary tho. Could give a newbie a reasonable idea what some of their main options are.

Maybe w some of that info, this would be a fairly definitive guide for a WD newcomer.

Btw, i found for myself that LOH is essential, and is a prime reason to use AC for survival at higher difficulty. I kno ur referring to speed farming at face-roll MP0 here, but it might be handy to mention it for the newbies.
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Thank you. Yes I am definitely going to make a part 2 version for people with higher budgets.

As far as other viable builds for WDs, I linked Soundb's guides as they are both constructive and informative for both new and advance players.

And as far as LOH & AC. I will try to find time to add that in there.
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In HC each piece costs more than your whole builds budget.. I have 10m saved and can't buy any pieces on the list for that. HC AH is ridiculous
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I apologize, this guide is indeed only for SC. I play HC also but as a monk and i know what you mean by expensive :l

But I'm still surprise, you weren't able to upgrade any of your pieces with 10M HC gold?

I only have like 150K :l
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for this kind of build, is attack speed necessary or can i just focus on crit chance and crit damage?
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Attack speed is not the most desirable stat for this build.

I have already stated the priority of stats in this guide;

If you already have the most int and avg dmg you can get with your gear, the next thing you would focus on is CD and CC.

**If you can get IAS it is definitely a plus and it WILL speed up your clear time, but unfortunately.. this is a budget guide and if you include attack speed in your search, the price of that piece of gear may be out of most peoples budget**
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thanks for the advice Recount
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Thanks guys.

[UPDATED] 12.12.12 TIPS
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Pur means?
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Pick Up radius - PUR
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Thanks for this guide Recount. I just got my WD to lvl 60 and ready to gear him up properly and this helps a lot. I just hope the AH isn't overly priced for this gear as it was horribly for my monks gear hehe.
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Thanks! Your gear is looking decent also.
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Alternative build:
Goal: Locust swarm will one shot almost all enemies in MP0 or MP1.
Use bears to kill elites/bosses. (Can use any efficient skill really)
Stalker, angry chicken, and spirit walk jaunt or mana rune
Soul Harvest damage rune
GI, GF, and SV

First off, I didn't invent this build, someone else figured it out and I'm essentially spreading my understanding of it.
Original post: http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?841511-Locust-swarm-pestilence-farming-build
I hope it's useful and let me know how it goes if you do try it out.

Run close to enemies, keep SH at as many stacks as possible, cast locust, and run right past them to the next group of enemies. Almost all enemies will die from the locust swarm if you have high enough minimum damage.
Watch mini-map for legendary pings.

Against elites, use bears. If the elites are reflects damage or even worse, RD with health link, once you dropped some bears while in Spirit Form (spirit walk), remember to run past them to the next group of whites, spit out a locust swarm, and restart attacking the elites. Your cooldowns get reset (more time in SW form) and the white enemies drop health globes (GF bonus and health boost).

Skills: Besides listed above, there really is only one question:
Should you pick Searing locust or Pestilence rune?
Why is pestilence important? 100% chance to jump to two enemies.
In large rooms with lots of enemies, regular locust swarm doesn't spread fast enough. You can observe this in the Act 3 keep level 2, for instance. Only having to cast once to cover an entire mob is important.
If you can guarantee killing most enemies with pestilence rune, use it, otherwise use Searing Locust.

1. Get the highest damage weapon you can find with as high INT as possible.
Loh, LS, and Crit damage do not matter, but help when downing elites.
This is nice because getting high average damage and INT is a lot cheaper if you don't need LoH, LS, or Crit.

Two possiblities:
1. Two handed:
2 handed mace can be, for instance, 1350 to 1950 damage with 400+ INT.
2. One handed:
1 handed spear can be something like 700 to 1250 damage with 150+ INT.
Get the highest average damage TotD with as high INT as possible.

Look for highest minimum damage. If possible, look for 'black damage' weapons.

I personally have one of each and I think I will be using TotD and 1 hander for pickup radius.

3. Get 24% movement speed from two items.

4. Get as much pickup radius as possible. I have 32 or 12, depending on whether I have TotD or not. More pickup radius means GI drops cooldowns faster. I read about someone who had 54 pickup radius and he said adding more always helps speed up his runs using this build style!

Next: (optional, but see for yourself)
5. Average damage on rings and amulets, e.g. the ring has +30-60 damage.
6. Increases damage of locust swarm on mojo, helm, other slots.
7. Increase damage with, for instance, SOJ, zuni boots, or tal rashas amulet which has 'adds X% elemental damage.' If possible, get a 'black weapon', meaning it has +X min damage and +Y max damage, as opposed to doing 'holy damage'.
8. Magic find and Exp Bonus.

When searing AH:
1. Prioritize getting INT, VIT, life%, magic find, average damage, pickup radius, and all resists. Crit chance/damage help, but only against elites and they add cost. Attack speed decreases your cast animation. Getting around 35k life with +350 all resists and about 2k INT (200 all resists) should handle MP1 if you have enough damage, like either weapon I listed above, with zero LoH and zero LS. Just rely on spirit walk, health potions, and health globes to keep you alive.
2. Getting some mana regen and/or max mana will help make sure you avoid an OOM situation.
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