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Recount's Budget Build Guide 1.0.6

^ decent alternative, I don't know how good it is as far as clear time. I would have to check it out. Thanks.
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Hopefully it's at least as fast, if not faster.

Locust spread through doors.
Locust pestilence will spread to an entire keep 2 LARGE room if you let it.

At the least, for farming, I enjoy the style. SH, Spit once, run away. So far I haven't seen a mini-map ping, that is I've had all legendaries drop on screen, but I'm still crossing my fingers for that moment where locust drops an enemy completely off screen and the rng gives me a legendary.
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I tried Locust last night, It certainly have potential. But just not my play style and don't like the feel.

On a side note, last night a fellow WD came to me asking for advice, I gave him a couple of my old gear and 200k gold. Went from 25k dps to almost 50k.

So if you have any questions or need more help on gearing. You can contact me in game.

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Have you considered making a hardcore version of your guide? Or at least a 3 million budget gear guide using HCAH?
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^ I play HC myself. But no experience as a WD in HC. But yes, I will see what I can do.
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Helped out a fellow WD this morning before work.

1.5M got him up to 56K dps, 600~ AR, 3.2K Armor.

Add me in game if you are having issues with gear, builds or are just unsure with spending your hard earn gold on any piece of gear.

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Came back to D3 now during the holidays, rolled a WD a few days ago, and found this guide searching the forums for suggestions on how to improve my build. Seems I wasn't completely wrong after all, my setup is very similar:

* Acid Cloud / Acid Rain for clearing out large/spread out groups of regular mobs.

* Zombie Charger / Zombie Bears for directed/semi ranged attacks vs mobs with large hitframes (read: act bosses) and elite packs lined up the right way.

* Poison Dart / Splinters for single targets and long range, also using it when out of mana.

* Spirit Walk/Jaunt, invaluable for survivability, gets you out of any sticky situation.

* The same passives you suggest; Grave Injustice, Spirit Vessel, Gruesome Feast.

However, I do not use Horrify or Hex. Instead of those I use;

* Gargantuan/Humongoid. Don't think I can live without this guy, at least not with my current equipment. He/she/it is invaluable as a tank, and keeps dps up when I'm low on mana. Also a real life saver in combination with Spirit Walk, just pop SW and let the big boy take the heat.

* Grasp of the Dead / Groping Eels, works as some kind of CC, and a bit of "semi passive DPS" as a bonus. Great for keeping those extra fast elite packs at bay.

Statwise, I'm a little bit more defense oriented:

~40k dmg
~60k hp
~3k armor
Between 650 and 800 in the different resists.
56 mana regen
20 PUR

I'll work towards more offense though, it's just a question of spending more time/gold on AH. In my experience the old saying "offense is the best defence" usually is true when it comes to this kind of games. It certainly was in d2 at least :)

Also I'll try to get 10 or so more PUR, it really makes everything a lot easier.

My budget so far is a mere 50k for a decent Thing of the deep (lucky find, I admit that), the rest are rares I snagged for a few k:s of gold each just before the auction time ran out, and a Tal Rasha helm I found while getting the WD through Inferno.

Haven't tried to change the monster level yet, but on ML0 Inferno is easy peasy. The act bosses are a walk in the park, and I've only died a few times on some elite packs with nasty combinations of modifiers including extra fast.

Even though I don't use exactly the same skill set as in the guide, the basics are the same. I think I can give my testimony; the build in this guide should work really well, even with low budget gear. If your dps is in the lower end, it might however be worth considering swapping out Horrify or Hex for Gargantuan.
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@ OP or whoever know the answer

several times you mention PR on gear. is that poison resist or physical resist. I am assuming it is not Pick Up Radius(PUR).
If it is Physical, what would the advantage of that be?
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PR = Physical Resist

Majority of the damage of these mobs are physical, and the hardest hitting ones might be hulking phase beast.

It is just another stat that help you mitigate these hits, which can one shot most people with low EHP.

PR is an option but +Armor will work also.

When I was on a budget my self and can't afford AR on every piece of gear. I stacked Armor and PR. armor was close to 4500 and PR was close to 350~+ totaling around 700 PR.

It helped me out tremendously.
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this build is the truth
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Probably Physical resists.

Why? A lot of damage in this game is physical damage.

As you play the game you'll notice certain damage types occur more often and/or do more damage to you, e.g. physical and fire.
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Helped out 2 fellow WD last night with gear and advice.

They are now both farming hard and strong!

Please feel free to add me in game if you are unsure of what gear to purchase!

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Happy New Years!
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Recount how about mecenary? templar with random items will do?
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@ TiC

If you are low on budget, you don't need anything too fancy for your templar.

Get high EHP on him and his skill: Inspire.

That little bit of Mana Regen helps.
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Is the 3 million price point still realistic for getting this gear at the recommended stats?

I've started trying to do runs, but they are really slow, which I think is largely because of mana problems and my damage only being at 37.9k. Still really need to upgrade my jewelery, helm, legs, chest & belt. I'm about 10k above the target mark on health, but ~150 low on resists.

I've picked up a pair of Fire Walkers, Manajuma's Carving Knife, & a Thing Of The Deep through uncontested/little contested bids without buyout prices though.
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I can say that at least as far as the specific gear slot recommendations, definitely not. I just tried to look for gear remotely close to what's recommended here, and more than half of the suggested stat combos are 1m+ apiece, even when reasonably lowered. (100 to 90, etc). Even finding an offhand with the suggested stats was impossible for less than 1.5m.
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Hi Recount,

Is this still relevant with 1.07 patch? With the changes to experience now, is MP 0 still preferred for this build?
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