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12/05/2012 12:49 PMPosted by NeLLy
Its hard to believe in rng when you are getting the same item dropped multiple times every other day

Its also hard to believe in RNG when all my friends are getting that loot too

Where is the players getting 10 witching hours every week to make RNG averaged out?
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I got 4 Chantodo's wand in 2 days. RNG? Suuuuureeeeeeeee.
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12/05/2012 01:09 PMPosted by VindictivE
Honestly, I'd rather have it the other way, where loot only drops if it's good...

Or at least give us a loot filter *OMG SHOCK*
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So when people say RNG ≠ RNG. They are correct. No computer program could ever be truly random. And this, is why an RNG system with a game like this is heavily flawed.

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have picked up 5-6 of those bright yellow lollipop sticks so far OP,

no idea what my barb could do with them :D
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Bliz wants you to use the auction house!
I play barb and the best stuff I've gotten were all for int.

Manajuma's Knife (1000dps, 170 int, 98 cd, socket)
Nice Trifecta Amulet (250 int, 100 vit, 7 ias 68 cd 8 cc)
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80% of drops will not be your class.
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12/06/2012 04:58 AMPosted by Mifkin
80% of drops will not be your class.

For me, that is more like 98% after playing for ~250 hours.
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12/05/2012 10:12 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
On the same kill?

If you are talking about that bug, they said that it's fixed a couple of hot fix patches ago I believe.

That bug had to do with a skill a barb uses. I was not using that skill and noticed at the time they reported the bug they fixed, it was one where the exact same item would drop. Same name, same stats.

I'm taking about same name with almost the same stats. like one has 180 str, the other has 178 str. everything else is the same. It happens a lot.
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If it was true rng, you would find just as many good items as bad.
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RNG was one of the first things I learned how to program way back when.. it's also the laziest way to do it. The other problem is, it's too easy to manipulate, and that's what they are doing.

It takes no effort what so ever for a programmer to jump in and change the values in which the RNG range operates in..

IE For arguments sake: suppose the RNG is ran between 1-100 and 1 rolls you a legendary, well it doesn't take much effort to reduce the RNG rolls to say 1-50 and also include 2 in there as a legendary drop. There you go, done. 3 days later.. well we don't want players having that legendary drop rate anymore so: 1 now equals a legendary, and the rolls now range from 1-100,000. There you go, done, insert people whining about nothing dropping.
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Same legs dropping over and over again....
Since Monster Power was implemented I have been playing 2-3 hours every day, running around Act 3 MP(5~7). I can say that I drop a legendary every two days, however, I keep getting the same “crap” legendaries over and over again. It is very frustrating, it seems that crap legendaries are most likely to drop compared to Set items and rings. THIS IS NOT RNG.

This is what I got so far:
5 The Grand Vizier
4 Hellcat Waistguard
4 Gladiator Gauntlets
3 Dark Mage’s Shade
3 Lacuni Prowlers (good item but bad attributes)
3 Sky Splitter (good item but bad affixes/attributes)
2 Frostburn Gauntlets
2 Death Watch Mantle
2 Sage’s Orbit
2 Thing of the Deep
2 Schaefer’s Hammer
2 The Tormentor
2 The Gavel of Judgment
2 Sledge of Athskeleng
2 The Burning Axe of Sankis
2 Sever
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Yes, thats why the OP was asking Blizz to Define RNG. They never will.

Obvously some items have a higher roll chance then others and they wont release that type of information. When I think they state every item has the same base roll.

Right, thats why every weapon I find is <=750 dps. The only ones I get that roll close to 900 dps are 2H. Chance for a 1H with 1100+ dps is less than the chance to find a legendary.

They need a ton more items.
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R eally
N othing
G ood
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Most Random() functions return a 'random' integer by giving you the last digit of the unix timestamp of the current time when the function was called.

Hope this helps your quest to understand RNG.
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