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Twinked a Monk friend for 100m is the gear ok


He's wearing glass cannon belt/chest in the profile but his final stats are 43k hp 5.5k armor 640 all resistance 95k dps i gave him a decent 900dps 600loh socket fist also for fighting nasty champs or high mp levels.

Did I miss anything or is this a decent colab for 100m? I duno monk gear prices much
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not too bad... kinda low dex and HP though... i think you coulda hit 100k dps for less though.

how did i do on my 130mil barb twink?

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it's pretty good, although the inna's belt's holy damage boost is not benefiting much in this case, as both weapon have a large amount of elemental damage and not black damage.
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Ive heard different stances on the elemental damage one stance being in 1.0.5 they fixed all % elemental damage to be applied to char screen dps and was no longer tied like it has been pre 1.0.5, you can test it by equiping an SoJ an this seems to work as it shows a DPS change with % rings and it didnt before the patch. Other people say its still broken so I dunno.

I purchased his belt for 5m though it was just a temp glass cannon belt he has a double resist rare belt and soon Witching Hour for his glass cannon set.

@Tarzan thats a pretty solid 130m barb actually. The only aspect I'd change is crit lacuni's bracers youre lacking 24movespeed, and also haste your haste is low, and get a Mempo helm to make up the resist as well as more haste then after that lsatly get a higher vit rolled IK chest to make up the vit from bracers once you'e saved some money in the piggy.
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The biggest difference I would've made would've been to get a CD+socket WKL instead of Rugged Backhand, would've given much more EDPS.
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