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--Cheaper-- Tempest Rush Build and Gear Guide

After reading through Druin's guide and watching some videos of Tempest Rush I decided I wanted to give it a shot. The problem was I really didn't want to spend the 100's of millions of gold on it. So I set to trying to figure out a cheaper way of doing this build right. I wanted to have over 100k dps and I wanted to never die in the process.
I'm going to skip over the stuff that is the same from Druin's guide. I'm just going to share the necessary gear and the slight changes to skills.

Here are my stats as of right now:

Here are the exact Skills I am using:

And here is my infinite spirit level:

And here is my damage and res's:

I'm at 104k dps and I plan on improving it some as well. I've spent approximately 58m on the gear that is absolutely necessary for this build to work.

You Need this gear:

with as much Crit Chance as you can and with Spirit Regeneration. The closer to 2 the better for the Spirit but this is the hardest part of the gear to find. I got very lucky and got mine for 29m b/o

Stone of Jordan
with Tempest Rush Crit Bonus and ~2 Spirit Regeneration. These are out there but with no easy way to search for them it takes some patience.

So those are the same in Druin's and my Build. Here's where mine differs though.

Inna's Radiance
This is the most important piece of the gear build. Where my build differs centers on this. Here is the Radiance I am using now:

You must have Spirit Regeneration at ~2 - the same as Druin's
The difference though is you HAVE to have as much Life Per Spirit Spent as you can possibly find. With Tempest Rush, you are constantly spending 10 spirit per second. With just the helm I am using, I am gaining 440 life per second. This and the Transcendence Passive Skill, make it so every second I am gaining ~1000 life. The reason this works so well is because monk has very expensive skills. So if you ever get in any trouble just refresh Mantra of Healing: Circular Breathing for 50 spirit and you will receive a boost of ~5000 life. If you are still in trouble, cast Seven Sided Strike for 50 spirit and you will gain another ~5000 life. If this doesn't save you, nothing will because in MP0, nothing should live through that.


And now, Because you have so much life coming in from LperSS you can drop the devastatingly expensive Life Steal from the Skorn, allowing you to get a much higher DPS one for much much cheaper.
Here are the Life Steal Skorns at ~1400 damage, 300 dex, life steal, and have a socket

The cheapest one is 125m and there are bids on the one below at over 127m

NOW, here are the same ~1400 damage, 300 dex, and have a socket

Less than 2m!

Thanks for reading and hopefully some less financially fortunate monks can enjoy this fun build.

BTW, props still go to Druin for his excellent guide!
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LPSS you say!

Noted, I will look into it and credit you if this works for a lower-budget build! :D

-Druin, the happy monk
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Thanks Druin :)
I'm now trying to figure out what ratio of Dex/All Res would result in the best damage and staying alive.
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So has anybody else tested it yet? Any suggestions, observations, etc?
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not bad,
your gear and build look pretty legit.

you don't have a LS $korn$, and ur stuff are non-RMAH.
So I endorse this build and guide. Let us spread it so they see how it's done. :O

but alas, cheap TR builds aren't wanted here,
they got this corner monopolized in spending 200mil for TR, haha.

there's also a guide for an even cheaper TR build, costs under 100k gold.

and watch the video here ;)
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Gimped damage skills...

No mantra of conviction, no firestorm, no deadly reach foresight.

Sweeping wind will do !@#$ damage.

You don't need infinite tempest rush. Stopping once in a while and refreshing deadly reach is fine.

Also, life regen is a joke. Infact, you dont need any sort of life sustain on low MP...nothing should kill you.

White mobs melt, and any champ pack is one shot with SSS and a 1400 dps skorn.

10 spirit regen is all you need to make this build and keep the high damage skills.
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I don't understand why this thread was created.

You could have just posted in Druin's thread asking his opinion, or suggesting yours about LPSS.

Its better to have all the information on one subject in ONE place. This goes for you, and Raahl, who have both created unnecessary threads regarding cheap TR builds.
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the thread title should explain "why this thread was created".

why ask opinions of opinions promoting the use of dual wielding$,
in the one place where the true meaning of Tempest Rush is rushed for tempest gain?

Cheapcost TR builds belong in their separate threads where low cost is promoted.
That goes for you, and Vanguard, who have both trespassed where expensive Tempest Rush is uncalled for. ;)
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The info is great, but I cannot figure it out... I examined your posted gears and it showed:

Helm: 1.93
Amulet: 1.3
Ring (Jordan): 2.08
Passive skill and mantra: 5
Inna set bonus: 0.33

total: 10.64 +spirit/sec

Where do you get the other 3.36 to reach the posted 14 + spirit/sec? Am I missing something?

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The other comes from the passive "guardian's path" and its 35% spirit gain increase when holding a 2h!

I don't understand why dmg skill are impo. I'd rather be lazy with my refresh times than have to constantly be timing things out. His build is perfect for mp0-mp1 (I have 125k dps and they disappear) and lets me watch TV or chat with someone while I hold a single mouse button down. Are you so excited by farming low mp that you need to be highly involved in the tedious process of getting to 100?
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oh, yes... let me see, over 2 spirt regen with high LPSS... yes, i see they are very very cheap on he AH....

like only a few hundred million to over a billion, each...

there aren't even any on there right now, because the max amount can only be 2 billion, and they are worth more than that....
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