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Some advice regarding a wizard please.

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I'm a bit loath to do this, since I've managed to get this far on my own (minus a couple of videos I watched on efficient farming runs). I've looked up no item or skill builds, and I've never played softcore beyond the day the game came out. I guess unsurprisingly, I'm starting to run into some trouble.

So far I've managed to get to Act IV inferno with only a few near death experiences on my wizard, but toward the middle of act III I started to feel like I was ramping up toward a wall. The enemy HP's are scaling up beyond what I find comfortable to kill for certain kinds of elites. Even though I beat the act, it was a little hairy at a couple of points. I've never been to act IV inferno, so I have no idea if there's another leap in enemy HP, and I don't really feel like losing my character to find out. Thus I've set out to actually go about gearing my character up appropriately.

Problem is, I don't really know how to get my damage above around 30k without sacrificing my survival comfort zone. I see some other people with clearly well geared characters, but any one piece of extremely good gear seems to be beyond my financial reach (I can only make about 300k gold an hour comfortably right now, grinding out anything over a few million for AH sounds more tedious than I'm willing to endure).

So I have a few questions..

-Are there more efficient ways to build my character within a reasonably low budget?
-Would I be better off avoiding buying off AH and just farming the gear myself?
-Would it be worth sacrificing vit on gear for more int, or crit hit, etc?
-Should I focus more on +resist all, sacrificing some vit to do so (remember I'm cheap so I can't really afford both..)
-Is crafting via blacksmith worth doing for anything but set or high end legendary? It seems terrible with the 5-6 plans I've found so far.
-Is my base damage too low and my int too high? Should I be focusing on attack speed, crit chance, crit damage? What should my priorities be?
-Is there really no way around it, should I just grind out the gold/item farming for a few weeks to get some quality endgame gear?

These questions are just examples, not a complete list of things I'm curious about. I could just use help in general.

Regarding skills:
In my profile, replace Teleport with Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell.
I'm pretty happy with my skill build, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to suggestion. It doesn't costs more than time to experiment with that (with some exceptions like crit heavy builds I imagine). One thing I think I will change is Galvanizing Ward. 310 life per second just isn't scaling with my HP well. When I had 30k hp it was meaningful, but at almost 70k it's barely notable and I'm sure I could pick a more useful passive (One involving a % somewhere)

When providing advice, keep in mind that it's easy for me to go look up gear builds that are clearly very good, but as I said, out of my reach at the moment. I'm not looking for a shopping list of endgame gear I should be wearing, that's not terribly useful to me. What I am looking for are suggestions that will help ease me into being able to more comfortably handle acts 3-4 inferno solo. This way I can have a solid foundation with which to farm/gear up other characters.

My character profile seems to be up to date with the exception of the one skill so by all means, feel free to criticize.

I'd appreciate any advice you folks could give me.
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Add a link to your wizards profile.

In general you want hp, resistance, and armor (in that order). If you go solo you also want a fully geared follower (that's very important)

Anomie created a post for his last "scrub out" wiz that beat Inferno Act 4
In it he lists his stats and build

I used his stats as a baseline when my Azula wiz beat Act 4 (except dps which i had 40k) but a different build. I've improved my gear since then but my build is the same
Tactics are blizzard to slow things down
RoF + cold blooded to kill things
Wave of Force to knock things back when they get too close

IMO crafting is worth it if you got plans for level 62 (6 attribute) items the you need and your current item is 61 or below. Drops, including item types, are random. You can at least take some of the random out of the equation by getting an item type "drop" that you need.

wave of force is useless as normal mob should not get near you and it doesnt knockback elite.blizzard is definitely a must unless your dps is like 75k+ and can just plow everything(including elite) with orb.Cold blooded is only useful is your main attack is Ray of Frost( I use arcane hydra instead).

Crafting is useless as AH has cheaper stuff specially when not geared.
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Here's what I would do:

(Honesty is the best policy!)

Make another character, of any class other than wiz.

Beat Inferno, get to playing MP 2-3, get a few nice drops to sell.

Equip your wiz with great gear and then continue.

I've tried so many wiz builds and lost so many. You need the financial support of other classes in your bullpen.
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I did it without having a second support class until I hit inferno (at which point I leveled a WD), but I had people giving me gear and even then it was expensive as all get out (I had to overgear like mad to feel safe)

Of course, I did it that way before 1.0.5, and through a lot of it I was absolutely terrible (I'm still terrible, just not absolutely terrible).

As far as beating the game goes, you don't necessarily need a lot of dps. The way I worked on BraveRobin, I'd get gear that upped mitigation until I basically felt safe-ish, then I would work on upping DPS without losing mitigation. That worked fine to get me to inferno betrayer of the horadrim pre-patch - at which point the patch dropped and I basically just rolled through the rest of the game.

So i wouldn't worry too much about trying to break a particular dps threshold - If you're close to 30k that is fine, people have done it in 1.0.4 with 20k-ish - although I can't see your build. It's mostly a matter of being set up to take the hits in a bad situation, and avoiding getting hit as much as you can (at least w/ the build I used).

I would not run without teleport. There are probably wiz builds that don't need it, but getting stuck behind a wall on top of ground effects with no way to escape is an easy way to die. So is having to run from fast mobs (say, a naturally fast mob, like a scavenger, with fast/firechains as affixes) without a way to give yourself some lead on them.
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. . . I did it without having a second support class until I hit inferno (at which point I leveled a WD), but I had people giving me gear and even then it was expensive as all get out (I had to overgear like mad to feel safe) . . .As far as beating the game goes, you don't necessarily need a lot of dps . . . . I'd get gear that upped mitigation until I basically felt safe-ish, then I would work on upping DPS without losing mitigation. . . .It's mostly a matter of being set up to take the hits in a bad situation, and avoiding getting hit as much as you can (at least w/ the build I used) . . .

This is some good stuff. Sound fundamentals in game play technique will get you far in this game- and can often hide the glaring need for better equipment. But there will come a time where you WILL need mitigation. I was rolling with Lykotic just last night and we were just plowing through a MP3 Hell butcher run. I was a Wizard, he was a WD. I didn't even take a hit until just before the butcher. But we literally stumbled on a nasty Arcane/Waller/Desecrator pack. Both of us immediately started taking damage- my Diamond Skin blew off almost instantly and I started kiting. I was getting walled and desecrated up the wazoo and was also taking the occasional arcane beam. Fortunately a few very well timed zombie bears got me out of the pickle (Thanks again Lykotic). But had I not been able to take shot or two that would not have ended well.

Gear for mitigation before you ever think about DPS. You have to be able to take a shot or two in the chops.
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I have only played a wizard to fund my bank roll and think I am doing great for the amount of time I spend playing. I have a Barb but I found him to boring to play.

Advice as a HC wizard to another wizard: add your profile so people can see some details

1. Find friends, #1 killer in HC right now is disconnects and lag, having a friend or 3 on vent in your party can save your !@#, it has mine on at least 4 or 5 power outages and disconnects.

2. Movement speed, I see so many people over look this stat. Wizards are never in real danger 99% of the time, its that time you get trapped with no dimound skin or blink that you have to worry about. Move speed keeps you out of those spots and when you need to run you should be able to out run about any pack.

2b. Movement speed allows for faster lving and faster farming since you are clearing faster.

3.Its not about DPS,AR,Crit,AS,Stats when bargin shopping. If you are looking for a certain stat you should wait for end game pieces, when bargin shopping on a tight bank roll compare the overall item. Remember Your AR has diminishing returns, Armor may be a better choice if it is super low because your returns are still better. Int has better returns the higher base dmg you deal.

4. Watch damage reflect mobs, higher your dps goes the more they hurt. I many times am forced to waste my dimound skin for dps instead of a tight spot which can be dangerous.

5. Act 1 is good to find entry lv inferno gear if your broke, it very rarely will yeild high income items or big upgrades. Think of Act 1 as a test into inferno and a place to get some paragon lvs. If you want good items you need to do at least mp0 act 3, if you arent ready consider doing leorics runs( that 1 ring can fund you into act 3 easy) or just slowly moving up from act 1.
Act 2 is a waste of time not enough mobs and most are runners.

For what you asked: Black smithing is a waste of time. The AH is a great way to make extra money and find cheap upgrades, use it along with searching for your own stuff. You can never have to much int unless its at the cost of better stats.

If you cleared A3 by yourself you have a likely chance of clearing A4. If Act3 was risky then A4 will be more risky, it all depends on what your willing to risk. You are at a point you can almost farm comfortably and increase your bank roll fast by farming act 3. If your point is to get ahead in the game I would farm, if you just want to beat diablo then I would consider going for it.
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Thanks for the responses.


I think that's the link to my wizard? Can't you just access my profile from the drop down menu beside my name though? I can do that for all of you.

As far as survival goes, I can certainly take a hit in the chops with my HP and resistances. (66khp with 58% armour reduction and all resistances between 64% and 69%). The problem is when fights against some elite groups drag on, or when I run into two elite groups in close proximity.

I know I probably CAN beat act IV. With some careful play and good luck on elite rolls I probably wouldn't even have a problem. I would rather do it with a bit more comfort though. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to faceroll the whole act, that's not fun.. But I don't want to feel like my odds are 50/50 either.

As far as my fundamentals go, I'm a pretty veteran gamer, I know how to use skills efficiently, kite, zone out space, etc. I spent a decade playing Brood Wars and Dota, so my micro isn't an issue here. I also play a lot of roguelikes (Dungeon Crawl, Doom RL, Gearhead, Angband), so I know how to play it safe.

I can actually farm certain areas of act 3 inferno pretty comfortably, namely the nice wide open areas, so I'm not totally hopeless. Just concerned about act IV since I've never been there, and I'm a little worried the HP will keep ramping out of control.

Regarding movement speed; I make sure I have boots with at least 10% move speed generally speaking. It's critical for initiative and escape IMO especially since I don't use teleport. I never see the stat on gear other than boots though. In Diablo 2 it wasn't hard to get it to 60%, in this game I can't reasonably see getting it past 15%, is that normal, or am I looking at the wrong gear?

Maybe I'm just being a big wimp here. From the sounds of it I'm probably around where I should be, if on the lower end.
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You cant look at your profile because it links to your sc2 account. Act 4 is not ever worth farming unless doing KW. Act 3 has just as good drops and faster exp, so if you are not in a rush to beat diablo just farm act 3 for a while. You should be able to find upgrades pretty fast as your skill more then items got you this far telling from your gear in profile.

There are some other items which give move speed, tyriels armor and lucuni bracers. 12% is highest on boots. cap for all but a monk is 24% unless a skill or shrine are helping. Just a FYI 94% of the top 50 HC wizards use teleport.
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If you just want to beat a4, don't worry about dmg at all. Get ar/armor/vit. Look at my hc wiz's gear, in total is probably ~1m worth of gear that I made from just picking it up while going through. Also, wave of force definitely does knockback elites, I used it to make sure I didn't get surrounded. Hydra will be your main source of dmg, everything else is for survival.. and I never used blizzard a single time. More ms would be nice, but cheapest tyraels/lacunis are ~3m, just get 12 on boots.

If you actually want to lvl paragon and play hc, go farm a1.

Edit: And get lots of loh. Extremely important. Go buy a cheap !@# 600+ loh ammy to start, should only be like 50k.
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