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Question about Percentage elemental dmg

So.. i have

a black weapon
9% cold, 6 from amu, 3 from tal set bonus
7% poison from zunimassa trail
3% fire from tal set bonus
3% lightning from tal set bonus

Am i benefiting from all the dmg bonuses if i use spectral blades.. should be yes right?
Am i benefiting from all the dmg bonuses if i cast meteor?

Some how i think i'm not benefiting from any tal set bonuses? =(
Can someone clarify? thanks alot=)
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Tal's set bonus is not +% elemental damage however. Its +% damage to lightning spells. This works like cold gaunts or destiny wand. If you cast a spell that turns all damage into lightning (like electrocute) it will deal 3% more lightning damage. It will not add any damage whatsoever to other spells such as spectral blades (even if you were using say a sloraks wand, which is lightning damage).

Blades is not a 'lightning' spell and therefore is unaffected by that ability.


Tals set bonus sucks
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Hi Shandlar

sorry to bother you again.. lol

Then i can just go ahead and change out of tal set.. although i hate to. It just feels incomplete=(

btw, what about meteor.. how does the add to %elemental stacks up?
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All +% elemental damage is applied to all black damage no matter what.

Your +6% cold on tals ammy and +7% poison from zunni boots will add 13% damage to any and all spells you cast no matter what since all your min-max is 'black'.

If you cast molten impact, you will deal all your damage (113%) as fire damage and gain 3% more damage from your tals set bonus. All the damage, including your poison and cold bonus damage, will be applied as fire.

If you were to cast comet instead, you would deal 113% + 3% as cold. All damage would be cold instead.
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Tal Rasha set bonus is really bad. Thank you.. Now I'm clear.. going to change to trium! Still.. thanks a lot Shandlar!
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