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Im looking to buy a Skorn with LOH or LS.

Since MP0 XP farm is not an issue, I need this for ubers and key farming. Is LS that much better, because it cost like 4-5x more gold.

Im mostly using bears, but I can use rain of toads as primary if I need LOH. I currently have 135k dps unbuff, 160k with PtV that I dont use in higher MP. Any suggestion?
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imPKing and soundb has some interesting builds.

You can either use LoH or LS or both. Im currently using both (2.80% LS and 800 LoH), with zombie bears and widow makers @ 130k DPS unbuffed.

take a look at their topics and u will find some useful info.
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You should definitely get the LS Skorn.

Below 95K DPS it doesn't steal enough life to be worthwhile. But above 95K you will be surprised at how fast your health globe fills.

Look for 290+ int, High CD% (185+), as high steal rate as you can get (6% max), and as much DPS as you can afford.

I have been using an LS Skorn for 3 weeks now in MP7 and really like it.
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LoH is definitely viable (see my Skorn); that said, I'm saving to replace it with a comparable LS Skorn. For Ubers, I would say it isn't worth the extra gold... only 1/6 has reflect, and for Siege I just mix in a healthy dose of AC. I'm getting it for key/higher MP farming. Even on MP 2 I can kill myself blindly spamming Bears if I'm not careful to mix in AC.

@ VeNoMxBR
Does widow makers proc LoH well?
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Yes, but the proc is very low.

Widowmakers = 8% by jar + 8%/each spider/hit

Saw it here:


So you have to rely on bears proc or other skills (in my case, leeching beasts and vengeful spirit).
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You should get both. LS on your weapon and LoH on a ring, ammy, or Blackthorne pants. I roll with 2.6% LS and 740 LoH and it works great. There are scenarios where one is much more effective than the other, so it's nice to have both. You will also have much more build options that way. I'm using toads and bears in my uber build.
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LS is almost required for a skorn build since the attack speed is so slow. you hit harder but you hit slower. LoH is viable but you will probably be left wanting to upgrade...
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since Loh works with Attack speed for its efficiency, I would rather take LS instead of Loh on a 2-hand low speed weapon unless you get IAS on the other slots; however, it brings up manna issue if spamming spells.
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Alot of great comments, thank you very much. Gonna watch for a good LS Skorn.
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^- WD Life on Hit Per Skill.

Also don't forget LS is 80% nurfed in inferno.
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both can work depending on dps and gear. when im using 1h+mojo (at 165k dps) I have 2.9 ls on weapon and 7xx on gear. I heal just fine. but when I drop the 1h and throw on the 1800 loh skorn I heal much much faster in all situations. IMO ls alone isnt good enough.
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I just buy a Skorn for 350M.

1368 DPS
336 int
200% Crit Dmg
6% LS

Best roll for crit and LS, not too bad damage. Was watching prices for over 5 days and its the best deal I saw :)
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@Cannaya, how much dps have you boost up since you gonna give up a off-hand damage and 9cc?

IMO, with 350M, I would replace the Zum's ring and helmet with cc in the 1st hand.

Anyway, this definitely is a nice skorn.
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It have boost my dps by 10k... BUT it have lower my HP by ~12k, so I have regem to get back some HP. But now every points of crit give me way more dps (for next upgrade, zum ring and helmet).

The 6% LS make a HUGE difference (I only have Life Regen, no LOH). For key run I was having trouble at MP4 (without LOH/LS), now I can do MP7 ez just with my LS 6%.

LS is so great, I don't regret my Skorn.

Oh, I also use a SoJ that I buy only 500k for Keys run and Ubers, 26% to Elites and 9% to Spirit Barrage. It lower my paper dps by 14k Vs my Hellfire, but its way better for keys/ubers. Im using bears + wos for keys/ubers its so great, with Skorn I can spam WoS and my mana go up slowly. Now I switch 2 piece between Paragon and Keys/Ubers, my hellfire and lucani.

LS ftw :)
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LOH is viable, but you will have to run with RoT & AR build to make the best of it. If u are using the bears build, you wouldn't trade LS with LOH, LS is mandatory for that.

@bweaty : Lol, that thread is so outdated man, i have made a new one updated with the current patch, check it out
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