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how can i improve my demon hunter?


I'm looking for recommendations on how i can improve my demon hunter.
can probably spend up to 10 million per upgrade
and would also be open to hearing build suggestions

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In no particular order, I would get:
- gloves with CC/CD, though preserving the dex/vit/AR you have on your current ones will make it pricey
- bracers with more CC and maybe CD, or get strongarms since that'll be an upgrde for CC
- vile wards with vit...you have good life, but getting the vit is a no brainer and gives you flexibility to drop vit off other upgrade pieces
- upgrade any of your inna's or nat's to ones with vit or ar (both if you upgrade your chest)
- upgrade your manti for more dps somewhere down the line. definitely will want to use a calculator on this one, since you may or may not get a dps increase with a higher dps CD 1OS
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Ammy with CD would make a world of difference,

Aim for High dex

70+ Vat roll,

7+ CC,

55+ CD,

#win for 10m range,

10k or more dps gain
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First thing I would do is upgrade 7 of your emerald gems. from what i've been noticing is that really good jewelry doesn't have sockets so don't upgrade the 8th gem in your amulet. just put the best gem of the leftovers in there. gems will always follow you even if you change gear. i personally wouldn't upgrade 10 mil per item. i would save them for one big item. you will spend a lot more in the long run upgrading little stats at a time on individual items. spend it once on a great item and then save and work towards the next.
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i check out the amulet upgrade by that only gives me 5,000 dps. probably becuase of the loss of dex
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@ oracel thanks i have a pair of strongarms i can use.
and picked up a pair of crit dmg gloves.
also working on getting innas with vit, just kinda broke atm lol
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okay ive made a few adjustments, can anyone advise on what i could do to boost dps?

as far as which item i should upgrade next? thanks !!!

(also the current build im using is just for paragon leveling)
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Your profile isn't updated so I can't really tell, but my only observations is you don't have much crit dmg gear. Lots of crit chance, and IAS, but you aren't loading up on CD like you could.
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thats weird its showing the updated version to me http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TheZodiac-1330/hero/21266323

yeah where would be good areas to add crit damge?

ive already added it to my glove, thinking i could add it to my amulet as well
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You can probably scrounge more CD up on your amulet, yeah. Other places would be your weapon, weapon socket gems, and rings.
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dont forget witching hour belt for more CD. also work on those gems especially on your weapon. 20% more CD just by upgrading your weapon gems.
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