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Efficient Best Farming Build for DH

Ok guys I just found a very decent Manticore, and I'am back in it with running my DH. I'm molding my DH as the "farmer" of my characters.

1.) What type of DH build is best viable for farming? I currently have a trap DH build, but I feel there may be a more efficient build for farming. (Like for Barbs, theres WW, HOTA, S&B)

2.) What should be my next upgrade?

3.) What Set Items/Legendaries are best for combining?
Nats: Chest and Boots ----> for the 7.0 Crit Chance
Helm: ?
Pants: Innas (get two sets of innas for the 130+Dex?)
Shoulders: ?
Bracers: ?

Thanks GUYS!
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Helm: Mempo or Andariels (if your res is high enough and if you are lacking crit chance)
Shoulders: Vile Ward or Rare (All res recommended)
Bracers: Strongarms are pretty nice
Rings: Rare or Nats if you want the 130 dex

I would look for a new DML with at least 18% atk speed

Strafe build I heard is pretty good for farming, but I prefer BL or Multishot

Edit: Telling your budget would help
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My budget is wel......... under a Mil. I'm just trying to get a good feel on what to look out for, and a type of build to farm.

thanks anyone else? Maybe a link on the build
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Strafe build seems pretty quick but it does seem gear dependant - I cant make it work lol. The usual ball lightning style seems to work well with any build (except tank dh)
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Ya strafe build requires some nice gear, so i guess BL is the way to go.
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Check my profile

I run a Strafe build that is simply a blast, pun intended, my gear is decent, but not top notch and I get 51 mil xp/hour on Alkaiser runs.

I did not spec for perma strafe as that is hard with DW, I just toss a few grenades into large packs and Strafe through 'em feeding of the health globes. Very fun build. :)

*Edit* after checking out your profile, I think you should hold off on Strafe until you get to 100K+.
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without leorics signet? you get 51mil/hr? check out my gear.. i dont know why i farm so slow..

what mp are you running at?
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12/05/2012 08:53 PMPosted by xxxkan
Ya strafe build requires some nice gear, so i guess BL is the way to go.

Whats BL?
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Elemental Arrow: Ball of Lightning
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I usually do MP0. When I farm I don't pick up much stuff just ilvl 63, 1 handed weapons, and jewelry.

I'm pretty much either constantly vaulting or strafing; I just plow straight through packs unless they are really dense, then I just use cluster grenades to destroy the entire pack. I never back track. When I usually clear an area to a wp and port to the next area. If I get stuck at a dead end, I just TP and hit the next area.

Your 30 max discipline is probably holding you back. Are you able to keep 100% up time on Tactical Advantage while moving?

Add me in game
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Here's a question I just thought of, I would like others input on this.

How much does Attacks per second effect farming efficiency?

For example, two DH's farm MP0 with 150k DPS. One has a slow 2hander, the other a fast 1hander, say, calamity + DML. Let's say that the DH with the Calamity is at 2.7 APS while the other is at 1.7. Would the faster attack speed be more efficient at MP0 since the 150K DPS is spread out more (i.e., he's not over killing monsters like the 2hander)?
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I actually love using calamity for low mp as I 1 shot mobs anyways without the extra damage from manticore. It just feels so fun shooting at a fast pace.
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Check out the current build I have on my profile, I use Multishot for MP1. I find it better in lower MP levels.
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How much does Attacks per second effect farming efficiency?

it comes down to play style. Personally I go with the more punch, less shots approach with manticore (only 1.62 attack speed). of course if you have the budget for more AS do so, but I prioritized CC, CD and dex.
shoot a ball (lightning), vault, shoot 1-2 in different directions, vault again, etc. for MP0-1 you're in constant movement so not much time to sit around to let a volley fly.


edit: at the time of this post, my profile is borked and on my ubers build w my speed gear, lol
relevant to this post: my speed build is ball lightning primary, spike trap and cluster bombs for elites
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look me....LV71 in 135 hours game play!
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My budget is wel......... under a Mil. I'm just trying to get a good feel on what to look out for, and a type of build to farm.

thanks anyone else? Maybe a link on the build


If you have any interest, I have made a challenge of 100k budget build DH. I even kill a gob on MP3 act 3 (at min 44~45). So I guess the build maybe usable.

note: Sorry for bad kiting skill :(
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If you are farming legendaries or paragon levels you should be doing MP0/1. Quite honestly you don't need any other offensive skill than elemental arrow ball lightning because it clears trash like you wouldn't believe and is effective against lower level elites. I basically just use bat and spam ball lightning, occasionally throw in a bola if I need hatred. For passives I mostly maximize dps, steady aim and archery and use tactical advantage for speed.

For doing higher MP levels I change skills dramatically and I typically face tank with an occasional vault. Bola stun and echoing traps. I also pickup perfectionist and night stalker. Between those two I can perma gloom as long as I'm not kiting but am standing and turreting for disc regen.
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