Diablo® III

Damn Near Got Killed...

But the will of a nerd is stronger! Actually I cheated to get out, I'll share how I did it....

Got caught in a bad situation with my DH. MP10, cLevel 20, Act 2 Normal, random cave in the desolate sands...

Dropped 2x caltrops, trapped 3x blues, 1x golden elite and a bunch of jobbers (just my luck to encounter them together) ... Then I got vortexed into the mix... downed a potion and smoke screened it outta there, dropped more caltrops, ran, got walled... then vortexed into the mix. Luckily there were health globes when I got sucked in. Again, I smoked screened it outta there. Started shooting like crazy, until, you guessed it, 1 last vortex.

With the health potion on delay, I got healed by some additional health globes in the middle of the pack and hit escape, hit "exit diablo" and lived (albeit as a coward) to fight another day.

Anyone else try this strategy when caught in jam? Is it considered "cheap" or "non-hardcore?"

I figured if we can die from lag, rubber bands and d/c's, why not try something sheepish myself.

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exit diablo is pretty much the same thing as a d/c just so you know..
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And I just learned something new :)
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Key word is survival... if you can do it and it's not cheating, then it's all good in my book.
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Normally during what you did is a guaranteed death sentence. You were beyond lucky and if you ever do it again you will be less lucky and dead

My thoughts

I guess it is against the spirit of the game, but.... DH mp10... yeah... so... I call it even.
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Pretty sure this is an attempt to PK...
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12/05/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Bnetplayer
Pretty sure this is an attempt to PK...

OP looks like he/she's still pretty new to hardcore. Could be that he/she got lucky once and wanted to share. I won't assume any bad intentions - but you could be right, too.

But, yeah, as other people have pointed out, the 10 second timer still runs if you click on "exit now." There have been many posts from people who died using the feature.
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You got really lucky! Here's another tip: don't try to pause the game (hitting "esc") and then unplug the modem or router... The 10 second timer is still in effect.
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