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Upgrade me! (only for high EHP peeps)

I don't know what to do anymore. I've converted to nat's 4 piece set, but I feel like it's pigeon holing me. Is the highest ehp/dps build using only rares and non sets? Is the items with +disc higher DPS than using Nat's?
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If u want the highest dps/ehp setup it would be a
2p nat(boots,ring)
2p inna (pants/chest)
with a dex/ar/vit WH,
crit mempo,
rare gloves (trifactor with AR),
lacuni with dex/ar/vit/CC
rare ammy with high dex/vit/ar/cc/cd (and maybe IAS if u can afford),
high dex vit, % life VW,
and trifac ring with dex/ar/vit.

edit: and dun bother looking at my profile, i am not once of those with insane ehp and dps XD. from your gear just my 2 cent, VW and inna pants can give you more ehp without dropping your dps (cheapest upgrade for you currently),

The following upgrade will be a tad expensive (XD)
If u are comfortable with dropping to 30disc, A crit mempo will greatly boost both ur dps and ehp. your ammy can still slot in dex vit AR armour. Bracer and glove have potential for some more vit too..... yesh i know it insanely expensive, but =/
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Yea, I was thinking of getting away from the Nat's set. But my bracers and gloves would be insane to upgrade without "beast money". I'm really looking for a response with rare pants, mempo, and possibly a boot change. Right now I have about 4 billion (I know a bow is first in order) for upgrades.
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Just remember...if you use nightstalker you won't need a huge disc pool. Especially with your level of dps and crit chance. I would go with Quos' suggestion, although a good inna's chest is very expensive.

So crit mempo, slot more dex into your nat's boots, but I wouldn't recommend rare pants. You can get a higher vit/IAS roll on inna's pants, and not have to switch to lacuni to max out move speed. Crit lacunis with AR are overpriced. If you swap to inna's chest, make sure its one with a high vit and AR roll. As far as I know it can't spawn with both AR and armor, not too sure about this though.

With a 4b budget, you can easily get a better version of your bracers, as well as do all the above. Just have to be patient.

Edit: I'm sure you already know this, but for your gear right now 1 vit would give you by far the highest increase in EHP compared to other defensive stats.
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