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Is it me or does the AH not work as it should any more. I have had gear on it for next to nothing and it wont sell. I have 2 Inna's rad. with socket and star ruby in it for 2.5 B/O and no one will take it. It's the cheepest one on the AH and it has a free 25% bonus exp and no one wants it. Not only that, but I have gloves with 9.5 CC and 22% CD for next to nothing and no one will buy them. I don't get it is the auction house broke? Or is it becaues of the increese in the DR of gear?

Look I need to upgrade my gear too so I need for others to buy my things I put on AH in order for me to do that. I had a Dead Mans quiver that had 240+dex and 250+ vit pluse socket and I couldnt sell it for 3mil. I did some looking on the AH the closest one to mine was 22mil. I was selling it for 19mil cheeper, no one bought it....so I decided I am going to just start to salvage things now, selling on AH is useless and a waste of time.

Do you guys find this to be true, if not what is your strat.? I think it is in the alga-rythim (<--SP) of the game that if youre a monk your destiny is to be broke all the time. HAHA, any ways if you have no problem selling things on AH then please drp a line and tell the rest of the world how you do it.

Thanks in advance,
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Have you thought of offering your gear in here for trade or buying?

What server are you on? Also what stats are your Inna's, I might be keen.....
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This is true I could try to offer on forums but I don't know how successful that would be and I have heaps of gear...bit of a pack rat I am. As for the innas I think one is about 160+ dex and CC i think is 5 and one is around the same dex and CC is 6. but add me in game and we can look after I get home. I'm in NZ so Ill be on later i think. Troubleshoot#6790.

Cheers, Ill try the trade fourm adn see how I go.

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I picked up an inna's rad with 20MF and socket (other stats were average) for around 200k. Use it with MF gear. Great buy.
Last night i bought a skorn with around 1300dps, 300 dex, 92cd and a socket for 50k. Doesnt have Life steal which makes it !@#$ :p but for 50k i figured why not buy it and try it
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you'll find the supply of items is pretty solid so demand is low, regardless of how good your item is - players will probably already have something comparable so that's why it's not selling.

unless a whole new influx of players or release of new items begins, you won't see as much buying & selling on the AH.
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Some people are still buying. I managed to get a bit of luck and sell a couple of items for around 200k.

Not a lot, but managed to make a sale.
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Yeah I reckon most items wont sell for over 1.5 mil, ppl don't want to spend money because the drop rates have doubled in 1.0.5. But thats geart for all the ones that find what they need, I guess Ill still ahve to grind to et my gold.

On another note I think the guys makeing hundreds of millions off the AH flipping items are hurtting as well. They have all these items now they bought for 30-40mil but cant sellem for that any more. At least I'm not in that situation.

Thanks for the help guys.
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Not really on topic, but AH related...

Anyways, I have an item with 95K BO and 93K bid. So someone goes and places a bid on it with 1d12h left. Come on... what are you waiting for? Xmas?

Now it's stuck in my auction slot for the next day and a half, grr!
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HAHAHA^^^^ I allways put Bid and BO real close that way they just BO instead of bid.

But, on the topic of this, I have found a niche in the market. When you slavage Legendarys you get the Brimstone, this stuff sells like hot cakes. I put 15 up for 400k and, I'm not kidding, they sold instantly. I put them up and it seams as though they were waiting for them. This, to me, is better then trying to play the AH with the actual item. 400k instantly, to me, is better then 4-5 times on the AH for 2-300k each item. This also is the same with gems. I tend to pick every gem up I can because they sell almost instantly. Just and FYI for those trying to make a buck on AH
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Im not selling good gear also. I cannot find good upgrades either, some are way to much for the small gain they give
I found gems are still a good gold getter, sell while you are watching.
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