Sometimes I get in the mood of checking different movie trailers and found this one.

I've read the book and after seeing this trailer I'm a bit disappointed with their version of the zombies.

WWZ had slow zombies which a lot of people think are boring and old school, but WWZ made them far more menacing. Parts of the book where soldiers ran out of ammunition due to the sheer amount of zombies that slowly crept closer to the line was awesome.

Or when one person was quickly walking away from the zombies yet you know that person will have to sleep sooner or later and the zombies will never stop coming (think the person slept in a tree and woke to find a ton of zombies around lol).

I've watched a few of the Walking Dead series and I think that is the way to go by making zombies slower but persistent when it comes to the fact that they will never stop coming.

So yea, just wanted to post this in case anyone else didn't see the trailer but know's about WWZ book :)