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What MP level do you think I can handle?

50K club!

A nice trifecta ring upgrade dropped for me, pushing my dps over 50K, all while maintaining just over 600 resist all, 5300 armor, and just under 900 LoH.


nice, that ring is consider Quad-facta!
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Well, I started a new game on MP7. So far, I'm finding that all my fights are very, very, VERY long. Elites aren't plentiful at the beginning of Act 1, but I've found a few. My MP5–MP6 build looked like this:

Faith in the Light
Hard Target
One with Everything
Seize the Initiative
Beacon of Ytar

I've toyed around with a few ideas and a few skills for MP7. I started with Exploding Palm for Ascension, but EP works a lot better on white mobs than it does on elites. Unfortunately, white mobs aren't a problem until Act 3. I then used Blazing Wrath in place of Ascension, and that's been okay, but I thought I could do better. I toyed around with the idea of using Keen Eye, Overawe, and Combination Strike (and taking out Hard Target and Seize the Initiative, plus Ascension or FitL), but the idea of jamming that third strike in there every four seconds didn't appeal to me; for similar reasons, I didn't try Blazing Fists with Combination Strike.

Although Blazing Wrath was okay, I tried using Foresight and Combination Strike instead. With Beacon selected, FitL takes 15 seconds to cool down, so I used two cycles of FitL as my cue to refresh Foresight's bonus. Overall, this boosts my real DPS by nearly 32% in exchange and maintains my sustain in exchange for losing those four seconds of absolute bliss. Results have been fairly good, although I've needed to live with some corner-cutting. As an example, I encountered an elite pack of Fast Molten Mortar Desecrator cave bats (whatever they're called). In trying to set up my Foresight/C-Strike bonus and FitL and Cyclone. Which promptly got me killed. And killed again. And killed again.

Finally, I said, "Okay, the hell with this—I'm just going to go in there, start pounding, get SOMETHING up for Cyclone, and actually fight." Once I did that, I took them from nearly full health to death, although I had to kite like crazy in a small area. With that fight cleared, I wandered around the caves until I encountered a pack of blue cave bats with Jailer, Molten, Teleporter, and another affix—essentially, a very close copy of the first fight, except that I had all my buffs up. Although I nearly got killed (twice), I managed to win the fight while staying in the same room as the champs. I also conquered a Desecrator/Molten elite pack of scavengers. So, overall, it hasn't been too bad yet, although I could do with a freaking weapon upgrade.

I think I'll stick with this build for a bit and see how it works. I may bring the Echoing Fury out for a bit, too, but I'm finding that I need the LpH more on normal mobs, and the EF replaces my AzT when I'm dual-wielding.

PS. Tried a shield, too. Totally didn't work.
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So how's MP7 treating you?

As for me, just one shot all three ubers on MP3. Things got a little hairy though on a few occasions, so I'm not sure I'm going going to jump to MP4 right away. Especially since it takes me a good 1-2 weeks to farm up three sets of keys. I've got two ring pieces in place though, so maybe if I find a decent upgrade before my next attempt I'll give MP4 ubers a whirl. I'm pretty sure both SK and Ghom would be doable, but Kulle is still pretty scary. It doesn't take much for him to get you in trouble.

Pandemonium and exploding palm is just an awesome combo against the ubers. You're highly likely to stun one, if not both, every time SSS is up, and 7 seconds of free wailing away on them feels like an eternity. And EP works great in both the SK and Ghom fights since you can use it on their adds.
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Something comes up every time I try to finish the SK quest on MP7: testing request, somewhere to go, party invite, etc. I'm committing to finish it tonight. I've died once in my last 15-20 elite fights-- a horde of ArcaneWaller imps I tried to fight in an arrow corridor. Some occasional trouble with RD elites, but nothing too crazy yet. I spent some time last night and this morning storming Act 3 on MP6--except for one particular pack, I basically crushed everything through Siegebreaker. Decided to get back to this quest at that point.
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Yeah, I did an MP7 key run today just to mix things up. I generally prefer to play MP5 . . . the fights just feel the right length there. But every so often I'll bump it up just for the hell of it. Enrage bosses and ubers aside, I suspect you'll be able to manage MP7. Although Act IV will sure be a hoot unless you get some nice upgrades on the way.

MP8, on the other hand . . . I gave that a whirl today, too. My damage output to damage intake ratio was just way too poor to stick it out. It's conceivable I could progress through it with massive amounts of time spent kiting, but that's a challenge I'm not remotely interested in attempting at this point.
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Skeleton King is down. FYI: His spirit walk can't be interrupted, as he's immune to interruption once he starts laughing. (I saved FitL for this; it didn't work.) Fortunately, I can actually survive a spirit walk to the face on MP7 :)

But I agree: without an upgrade or two along the way, Act 4 is going to be suicidal. Unless WoL turns out to be a really, really good choice.

I should try a short run on MP8. I have a lot of face-to-face up-time on MP7, thanks to my LpH. Might work, although I suspect those RD elite/minion combos would sink me. First things first, though!
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MP8: I took the TP to Festering Woods, and immediately ran into a skeleton archers elite pack, with a bat nest right behind them. The archers had molten and vortex, plus god knows what else. Basically, a vortex into the molten would instantly have me at half life. I managed to survive about 3 or 4 of those but when they finally melted me to goo I had barely put a scratch on them. I wasn't really interested in pushing my luck, so I dropped down to MP7 where I did a key run without any major difficulties. I had some deaths, but no "brick wall" moments.

Anyway, I'm sure there are some packs I could survive at MP8, but it would just take soooooo loooooong to kill them I don't see myself venturing back until I have at least one upgrade equipped.

And congrats on the Skeleton King! I'll be interested to see if you can even come close on the Butcher. I'd guess not, but you've surprised me before.
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I thought I'd try my hand at MP8 for a short run. Went into the Fields of Misery. Trees take a long time to kill! The Keywarden also took a long time to kill, but it was because of his health pool, not any inherent difficulty in killing him with Thunderclap and Dashing Strike. I fought three packs before I hit the DS bug and got stuck in the ground, at which point I exited the game.
  • Quill Demon Minions with Molten, Mortar, and Shielding; elite with Desecrator: This fight was hard. There was a healing well nearby, and I ended up using it twice. I had to circle around a couple times early in the contest—it seemed like Desecrator was going off before I could put a dent in anything. Once I dropped one, however, the rest of the fight was pretty easy.
  • Quill Demons with Frozen, Extra Health, Jailer, and Fast: Nothing hard here; just took a while.
  • Burrowing Leaper Minions with Reflects Damage, Electrified, and Shielding; elite with Vortex: This fight was annoying. (RD on elites is bugged, right? I'm sure I read this, and I'm sure a blue confirmed it, but I don't see it in the patch notes.) I hit one of those spots where you can't seem to attack anything, SW goes down, etc. I died, but not until I got one Minion to 20% health and the others to mere slivers.

All in all, it felt too much like a slog. The good news, of course, is that MP7 is going to seem much easier after that!
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I'm at 100k DPS and the highest i go is MP6 (except for ubers), i have no idea where you find the patience to go up to MP8 with your present set up! Kudos i guess! :P
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Il say I o 130k dps and just do mp 7 keys and ubers but my group is barb and wiz that are under geared so I guess its sort of a carry mp 8 they die and we hit enrage so I need 150k I guess for a double mp 8 carry

but I was only posting to say much respect for you

I was thinkg hardcore after para 100 sadly live in Australia lag spikes all day so self found character mite be the go just don't know what class
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Thanks, baggins. I've been in on a few MP8 über runs. They were fun. As for self-found, why not monk? You know the class well, right? If not, it's great for exploration: I used a lot of runes as I was leveling, partly because I was gearing DEX-VIT and partly because I had to cove up my gear with skill selections.
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il probably level a female monk since yea I know what they can do gonna be weird using skills other than cookie cutter

so with self found is crafting ok maybe up until inferno
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I believe I was using crafted goods through sometime in Hell. And don't be afraid to try out some skills outside of cookie cutter while leveling up. Pretty much everything is "viable," especially since you're already familiar with the class in general. So why not have fun messing around with some skiills which look fun, even if you know they're not "end game?"
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Crafting is still viable into Inferno, I'd say. When I completed the game in 1.0.4, I think I still had crafted armor.
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01/26/2013 10:56 PMPosted by overg
And congrats on the Skeleton King! I'll be interested to see if you can even come close on the Butcher. I'd guess not, but you've surprised me before.

I won't be able to kill the Butcher on MP7 with this gear—at least, not before the patch goes live. I just killed him on MP6, and it took five tries to do it. (Mind you, I botched the second and third ones by not having my weapon/spirit ready.) I just get slipping a few more DPS-boosting pieces into my gear until I got something that killed him:
  • Sever in, AzT out (and I made sure Sever was active when I activated Sweeping Wind)
  • Fast/HG/DEX boots in, regular DEX/RES boots out
  • "Big Belt" (11% life, 154 VIT, 93 DEX) in, freeze/RES belt out
  • Emeralds in my pants, amethysts out
  • 163 DEX ring in, 83 DEX ring out

All of the armor/jewelry changes dinged my health (Sever gained me life but killed my sustain), so my fourth trip ended quickly when the Butcher got off a good shot when I was taking fire damage. But I was finally able to get him as the floor started erupting.
  • EDPS (normal setup): 199K
  • EDPS (Butcher/demon setup): 299K

And that was barely enough. I don't know how much health Butcher has in MP7, but it's going to be more than I can handle in three minutes, which is when his enrage timer kicks in (which surprised me because I thought he was four, like Ghom).
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Just took my first shot at Belial on MP6. Got him to around 10% health before I hit the enrage timer.
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Failed in my second attempt, as he killed Eirena quickly and I mistimed one of the first bombs.

Third attempt: Went with my Butcher setup, got him down to around 4%. This might be as simple as "get lucky with my crit rolls, kill him." Or I might have to switch to the pair of gloves I keep in my inventory for goblin-killing.
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I wish there was a way I could quickly tell you were the last one who posted, but had to hover over the last posted time and read the pop up!!!!!

sorry forum, annoyed!
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Ah, well, that's better than having no way to do it. Wish it were still an option, though.

Fourth attempt (after I lost my NV stack looking for champs): Switched gloves, got too aggro looking for openings to attack during first bomb wave, got killed by multiple bombs.
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4% is really close. Any chance that the going with Scoundrel's +3% CC would up your DPS enough to kill him before enrage? If nothing else, you'll have a better shot at getting lucky with crit rolls...
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