Diablo® III

Error 45008 when reporting spam.


Why is spam reporting not working i guess they want d3 to turn into the spam fest that d2 was, and is!!! what is the point might as well take my money and time to another game if this is not resolved....
I'm getting the same thing. Started a few days ago but I don't remember exactly when. Before that I could report spammers just fine.
i just started to block communication for the time being, that option still works and it gets them off your friend request list.
Reporting the same issue here.
Same here.
It's like d3 is collaborating with spam bots o.o
Same problem here. I think it started with 1.0.6 patch for me.
I've had this same error for at least 3 days. Additionally, if I open up the friend interface while in-game and try to report the spammers, the visuals get a bit choppy for a few moments.
Bump. Error 45008 for days now.

Also, as a test, I unblocked a few spammers I had previously reported and added to my blocked list. Low and behold, it didn't take long to see their name pop up in a general chat and spam some crap 3rd party site AD.

Blizzard, is the 'Report Spam' feature the new 'Chat Button'?! Kinda feels like it.
Same error for me, 45008, started with that tiny patch a couple days back that didn't seem to help anything, but now I get wierd lag as well.
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Don't forget, you may be reporting the same name, but the number tacked on may be different. Since we only see the name, and not the actual user, we can't tell if it is working or not.
Not sure w-t-f you are trying to say here. It shouldn't matter what name/number you are reporting, if you are getting an error, there's a problem.

This isn't an issue with just a couple of people, you can't report anything in any manner right now.
Please tell this error business isn't the botters having their way within the D3 system and blocking the reports...
I get the 45008 error message also. I report only spammers and can tell right away that the report did not get through because of the error message.
Same here guys, i think i notice right around the last patch. sick of not being able to report spammers.
Playing on EU servers and also getting 45008 whenever I try to report spammer.
Would be nice to see it fixed soon.
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It's more likely that the spammers have figured out some clever way of creating/deleting accounts to cause this error, not something Blizzard changed. It's annoying yes, but it's not the end of the world or some conspiracy from Blizzard.
I agree with this error showing up on the 1.06 patch. Whatever you did you need to undo. This has been going on awile now, just in time for the christmas season yay !
I'm getting the same error too, plus the number of spam bots seems to have increased a lot, in 2 days I got like 10+ friend requests and I can't even report them!! >:(
Yup, 45008 error appears now while trying to report spambots.
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