Diablo® III

Error 45008 when reporting spam.



EU Server for the last 2 days.

Error 45008
Woot woot! FOUR spam "BUY GOLD HERE BECAUSE YOU CAN'T USE INGAME CRAP BECAUSE WE WANNA STEAL FROM YOU" "friend" requests that I can't get rid of! (At least it worked a couple months ago when I came back from not even really opening D3 for a few months, had 22....)
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Unbelieveable that this hasn't been fixed yet.
IT IS ITS ALWAY FREAKIN FASTEVE.COM im sorry but gg blizz you cant make your own bot to look and see a whole buck of url spam i mean cmon when theres 4 lines of nothing but www.fasteve.com you cant see that stuff you run background software on people comps to make sure they dont cheat and this is what we get im sorry again but G effin G
i have 14 spams now trying to sell me crap....all started after the last update that they said wouldn't affect game play
same here...that's why i searched this post...
Getting error message when trying to report for spam also.
Please fix Blizz?
I get different errors depending whether I'm trying to report spam (for the gold sales bots) or harrassment (for the phishers who pretend they are Blizzard GMs and want you to go to a fake site). Also have reported the same folks again and again.

From Blizzard's failure to do anything about the spam reports that it's received, and its failure to even take notice of this thread, I can only conclude that it welcomes the spammers. This makes me think that the RMAH indeed was a failure for Blizzard, and it simply doesn't care how much the botters wreck the economy. It's not worth their time to try to fix it.
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Same error. 3 days that's a complete joke with no blue response
days with this error for me.... cant report span on anyone anymore...
D3 rubbish sever account always double log in ,3005 ,3006
account was log in .....
see Ah also like this after back to town get this error
angry is why this error come out i some time 2 day still can log in
no ppl correct about this issue,
blizzard= rubbish company so sad
lousy sever lousy game
same issue here, wonder how many people have to report on this thread before we get a blue reply?
It looks like blizzard is "allowing" spam bots to be created and to be in use. If blizzard had taken this problem as it should be, then their should be a spambot who suspended the account after 3 different people had reported it.

Anyway, the chat has begin to fill up with spam-agents. They are setting you up as friends request etc and we just get the 45008 error.
The best thing: if you search for a 45008 error on Battle.net or google to find out WHAT the errorcode means you get no answers.

Anyway..this is starting to get a problem Blizzard. Sharpen up, dont ruin a game that people are willing to spend time on.
I too am getting error 45008 when reporting spam. Fix Please!
Interesting... Found something about the error at http://www.d3sanc.com/blue-tracker/error-45008/
45008 Too many concurrent requests to send a report of the specified report type.
FIX IT! ffs, the money-selling aholes that are destroying the ingame currency are stacking up in my "friends requests".

it´s not only when you pick "spam" i get the same error on all the report-options i´ve tried.
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