Diablo® III

140M to spend, what should I buy next?

I would like to get my aps right above 2.0 and still have 7-8% LS. Right now I'm trying to focus on farming ubers. I can kill all the ubers at mp7 with someone else in the game whos dead. MP8 is not feasible atm. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks!
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Replace your IK gloves with rares that have trifrcta stats and str or hi vit with resists.

Your gloves missing CD is a big problem in my eyes.

I would also replace your amulet. It is missing CD as well.

You are overkill on your LS. Your MH, OH and belt have it and you are running with blood lust. To me I would drop your mainhand and find a 1050+ mace with CD and a socket.

Just noticed your Unity is pretty sub par. Find one with CD and avg dmg
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well you could try something like my build, 140M is enough for a 4 Hota reduction soj, a really high dps 1 hand and some IK boots,then you can switch frenzy for overpower and bloodthirst for animosity.

With this you generate enough fury to stay at full fury

At this point you will have around 150 fury, this give you between 3-30% crit dom to Hota, plus the 10% from overpower, 10% from WoB and 3% from battle rage, 5% from ruthless and the 35% from your gear.

For a total of 66 to 93% crit with Hota, With this high crit chance, the 10% from weapon master will be wasted some of the time, this allow you to go for a spear(10% IAS) or a sword(15% dom) or you could still use an axe/mace. an 1.1k dps weapon with crit dom and socket is'nt much expensive.

This will give you a HUGE dps boost and will steal more life even if you have like 5.5% life steal. and with the option of the sword or spear you will gain AS
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His gloves are awesome dont get rid of those. I would get a better main hand with Str, crit dmg and a socket, you should also get an Ik belt with 3% Ls and between that and your offhand is enough Ls. A crit mempo would do wonders also since your Ar looks a bit low.

Edit: Whats with all the amathyst in your chest and pants?
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For farming I do not run with all those amathsyts, only for ubers sometimes. I think I may go back to IK boots and see how that works out for ubers. For farming, I use mostly rubies. Thanks for the advice.
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I see enough ls dps and hp but it seems your resist is low.
When i run mp 8+ uber i switch my gears to have higher resist. (54khp 730 reaist)
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