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IAS - Disintegrate - proc crit for freeze?

I read something a while back that attack speed has no bearing on Disinitegrate's rate of damage. What I did read stated that a faster attack speed actually caused Disinitegrate to drain your arcane power faster. Any clue on this?

As time, GAH, and in-game finds have allowed, I've built my wiz around Disinitegrate. I have a nice hat and source that grant +10 arcane on crit. Hat also decreases amount of arcane required for Disintegrate. As things stand now, I can currently spam Disintegrate with my arcane power barely moving.

So here are the questions I have:

1: I've built mine thus far without going for increased attack speed. Will increased attack speed cause a big drain on my arcane power? I'm thinking it won't...

2: How does increased attack speed affect the proc on crit?

Reason I ask #2 is that as it stands now, I come close to perma-freezing the bad guys - when it's a large mob. Part of this is due to using ice armor along with frost nova.

Guess what I'm aiming for here is that if I continue to stack the critical chance gear and also start beefing up on IAS (which I have NONE now), I think I will have a near perma-freeze disintegrate build.

Opinions? Thoughts? TLDR?
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Bump ... for visibility :)
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for disintegrate builds, the first thing you need is to be able to spam it forever.

and yes, increased attack speed makes it MUCH harder....
the faster your attack speed, the faster disintegrate eats through your AP.

I don't think attack speed affects disintegrate procs at all.
it seems to tick once every half second no matter how much ias you have.

so, if you're using disintegrate, you want the highest DPS possible, but aim more for everything else before going to IAS.
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The ticks you see are just displaying how much dmg you've done over the past .5 seconds. More attack speed makes it hit more times, thus increasing the dmg displayed, but doesn't change the .5 second interval for displaying it. Think of it this way, when you hit a mob with it, the dmg is constant, it doesn't hit every .5 seconds.

Attack speed makes you cast it faster, thus increasing dmg displayed per tick, but also increasing ap spent. The proc rate on disintegrate isn't high enough to keep itself up with apoc, so the higher ias you have, the harder it will be. You're better off increasing your dmg with int, cc, cd, and avg dmg for now, but eventually you'll need to get ias to increase it.

Instead of trying to keep it up with apoc, reduce the cost. Stone of Jordan, Skull Grasp, and wizard hats can get -5 cost. To search for these, search all armor, then select -5 disintegrate as an option. For SoJ, add 20%+ bonus vs elites and for Skull Grasp, add ias. This will allow you to spam indefinitely with pretty much any amount of ias.
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Thanks for the info!

I was suspecting that IAS truly did affect how fast arcane drains. I've honestly not yet looked at other options for reducing the resource cost on disintegrate (other than my hat).

As I mentioned, I can totally spam disintegrate right now without worrying about my arane power. But if what you're mentioning about Stone of Jordan and Skull Grasp (and perahps others), I can get enough resource reduction that I can then build up IAS and keep up my spamability (think I just made up a word!).

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Skul grasp and SoJ) can have reduction to disintegrate that I know of.

Edit: fixed error.
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Ah - more information! Thanks!
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sorry only Skull Grasp and SoJ have it. Not the Oculus. Fixed my original post.
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Thanks again. I didn't see it in Oculus.
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My Disintegrate AP cost is 4 so i can use ias gear and still spam the spell

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Here's a link to a Disintegrate wiz that uses both SoJ and Skull Grasp (-5 and -4). His only IAS seems to be on the latter ring. The SoJ's added elite damage (24% in this case) is so significant - and only elite damage matters, even in hardcore - that these two rings are probably mandatory for any good Disintegrate build.

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Thanks Chaos!
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Just tested this, results:


Basically, aside from increasing your DPS, there's no advantage to attacking faster. So, getting ASI gloves is good if you have enough AP cost reduction to sustain it (because it increases your DPS), but using a dagger instead of a mace is pointless (assuming the two weapons are equally good).
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