Diablo® III

Free MP10 Uber carry.

Add Yami#6780 and quote Uber

Haven't done Uber for a long time. I feel like doing some Ubers. Feel free to add me if you want free MP10 Uber carry. I have an old video at the bottom which shows one of the Uber runs. I'm stronger than i was 6 months ago and with so many nerfs, i think it will probably take no more than 15 minutes a run now.

You provide 3 Infernal Machines

1. We collect 5 stacks.
2. You enter portal room and open 1 portal.
3. You go outside the portal room and leave game.
4. Do NOT leave party, AFK, browser the AH or ALT TAB.
5. When boss is nearly dead, i'll message you to come back in.
6. When you are back in, go to my banner and click on it simultaneously till u can enter.
7. You will still receive organ plus other goods from the boss and still have the 5 stacks.
8. Go back to step 2.

1. We are not liable for any missing organ(s) if you take too long to come back in.
2. We wont be doing KW.
Edited by Yami#6780 on 5/25/2013 11:47 PM PDT
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add you as fren
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The team is great. very fast and efficient, and the best part. its free of charge. definitely will look for them again when i need help with ubers. Thanks again! :)
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Fast and easy. +1
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Currently on a break waiting for a CM wiz to come on.
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Back in business u may add me Yami#6780.
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You do realize the definition of unbuffed right? DPs should not vary depending on who is with a group if you are talking about unbuffed dps
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My first Uber run with these guys was very fast. They are really good. I got my first HF Ring. Thank you.
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12/09/2012 05:46 AMPosted by LaZyGuN247
You do realize the definition of unbuffed right? DPs should not vary depending on who is with a group if you are talking about unbuffed dps

I have several Monk friends and several Wizard friends. Some have 160k dps and some have 200k dps. So DPS will vary on which wizard or monk join the carry.

No more runs for tonight. Ty to all the ppl who added me and sorry for those who missed out.
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Vouching for Yami and his friends. Very quick uber 10 run. Got all 3 organs and keywarden. Friendly. Would do it again!
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No more in the queue feel free to add me now Yami#6780.
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Great service, got all 3 organ and a key!
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wish to join as carrier.

350k dps full buff
3.4aps ww build
soj 30% dmg elite w 3% crit ww
very active

MP10+ reliable hehe
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Thanks to Yami and crew. Got this done very quick and painless. Highly Recommended!
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My queue is very full. I guess some of you have to wait.
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Quick run from Yami and crew, thanks again

... it's free!
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Very efficient and helpful Yami , Thx to Yami and Team :)
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Awesome service. Did another run for ubers with them. Fast and efficient farming. Highly recommended!
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Thats all for today. Ty.
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Very quick and helpful, will probably use again as well.
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