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do certain legendaries drop in certain places

simple question.
are there any certain legendaries that have a higher chance to drop in certain zones than others?
if i was to always farm act 3, are there any legendaries i may never get?

i ask this because i read some thread whilst at work but due to work commitment, didnt have a chance to save the thread link, im just wondering if this is true?
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Regarding my own experiences, I am inclined to believe so. And Leoric's Signet runs? However, the only people who know for sure is Blizzard.
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damit, i cant even find that thread now..... not the leoric signet one, a different one
and im really curious to know... that means all this time ive been farming in the wrong place for the items i wanted =[
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I think from what I read regarding the Leoric's Signet is that only lv 19 and 20 mobs drop them. So in order to get them you need to do act2 normal with mp10 so that the mob you encounter might be lv 19 or 20. That page even links to the list of all the lv 19 and 20 mobs and show where they are. So Leorics Signet might be an extreme case since only those mobs at that act2 normal in a certain place drop them. Not that the place limit what the drops are but more related to those places will have the matching level mobs that drops the item. So if there are other places that has the same level range mob then I guess it is possible for them to drop. Don't take my word 100% for this is not what I came up with. I read it from some guy's post... but do google it abit and I hope you will find it too.
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