Diablo® III

Need high dps WDs for MP10 :)

I am a zero cooldown dog-bomber, and an absolute tank at that. I can face tank MP10, just need some damage dealers. The reason why I would rather have another WD is for the added crowd control (if using) and that wonderful Big Bad Voodoo! Heck, I use one, too. They are even more incredible when they stack. I will happily change mine to whichever rune you prefer. Bear doctors are more than welcome!! With my attack speed build, I will quickly feed you health globes and help keep you tip top. And as WD's, we have an amazing ability to revive people in spirit walk. Looking for friends! Add me bujitsa#1343
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274k DPS Unbuffed, 433K EHP, Reporting for duty.

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Sounds great! I'll be online between 5:30 and 9 pm est. You? Oh, and I've got a pretty good freeze wizzy to go with us ;) He loves BBV's also, lol, who doesn't? I guess best thing we can do is make sure all 3 are in BBV as much as possible. Guaranteed hellfire time. Ubers, here we come!
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You can add me too. I have a zero dogs build as well as a bears build.

Holy moley you have over 100k health O_o
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Im pretty high dps, feel free to add me =)
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you can add me if you want ill be on latenight sometime. havent done ubers in a while so i suppose i can tag along.
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Wow, never really thought that people on these forums would be so helpful. Thanks guys (and gals) ;)

@hirondelle Yeah, #83 in the US for total life, and #114 in the US for EHP as a WD! (according to diabloprogress.com) Ok, I bragged a little, lol. My damage is low, though. Even with 1100% weapon damage coming out at over 2.3 attacks per second. The attack speed really helps with globe production. I guess that makes me decent support, anyway.
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i run solo mp 10 key runs. would love to joined a group to run it more efficiently and faster. feel free to add me. us server and play 8pm -11 pm est weekdays and any time on weekends
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I'm online now.
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I've added you in game. You have a nice setup for the ZD build. I can get over 300k dps using PtV and spam infinite bears standing next to you. Even mp10 ubers wont stand a chance :P
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