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Comp shuts down at random playing D3


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My computer will randomly turn off. I have to physically turn it back on, when I do that it starts up normally and does not say it was improperly shut down. This just started happening after the latest patch and only happens when playing D3. I am not overheating, I run alot of cooling fans and a cooling pad underneath my laptop. I use an Asus G73 and have never had issues before until now. The comp will turn off any anypoint in D3, whether it is in a game, AH or just sitting at the character select screen. I haven't see any posts that have this problem, the closest thing is people saying their comp will freeze and they have to turn it off themselves. My comp will shut down by itself. Help!!
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Mizz ,

If you're not getting any messages about an improper shutdown, It would seem it's going through a scheduled shutdown instead.

Try booting in selective startup once and playing like that for a little while and see if it happens again. You may have an app running in the background that's able to shut it down at a predetermined time or after a specific event has elapsed.


The game itself has no way to shut down your computer. It can stress components though, to the point they may overheat if they're not cooling properly which in turn can cause a shutdown, determined by the computer's BIOS setting of the overheating temperature threshold.
same problem here.
I have the same problem. My laptop shut down itself while I'm playing.
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Please don't re-open older threads like this, just start up a new one with your own description of the problem and what you've tried so far to resolve it.

For this issue, it's typically a case of something inside the computer overheating, such as the cpu (processor) or gpu (video card).

To see how hot they're getting, download and run HWMonitor from: http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/hwmonitor/1.21-setup.exe

Now start the game and let it run several minutes. Then exit or alt-tab out and see what the highest temperature is that was reached for both the cpu and gpu.

Post the information in a new thread please.
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