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help with my demon hunter build

i have been working on my gear for my demon hunter? how am i looking? what should i work on now (gear wise)? i have beaten inferno, but i want to keep getting stronger


for some reason my new manticore isn't showing up. if i remember correctly is is around 1270 dps with 80% crit damage with a socket gem for additional 70% crit damage. my total dps is is 103,000 without sharpshooter
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Could improve on your shoulder and amy. You need higher crit chance and damage multiplier rings (ex : 10-20, 30 maximum/ minimum ) as well. Raw stat just won't cut it. Get Vile ward for shoulders. If you want a cheap DPS vile then you'd have to let go of your Life % and Vit as they cost a lot but in return you gain more resist and armor as well as dex.
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Well for starters your shoulders stand out as likely the cheapest way to improve your character, you can gain 80-100 dex and 30+ allres without breaking the bank. I would also suggest getting some movement speed, go for Inna's pants when you can afford them for the 12%ms along with attack speed for damage. Also grad some movement speed boots, probably just get a cheap pair of Nat boots if you can or any rare with dex, ar and 12%ms. Your gloves are another fairly cheap upgrade, just find some with attack speed or crit damage to go with the crit chance. Well that's my 2 cents...hope it helps, good luck! (Also Elemental Arrow-Ball Lightning is the way to go for fast farming once you have the dps.)
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great advice! i will try out ball lightning.

my manticore is now showing up on my profile. Will that weapon last me for a while? I am thinking i just need to upgrade armor and trinkets.
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that's a decent manti, however in my opinion when shopping for xbows you should always search for a dex one even if it means less dps on it. usually people are blinded by high dps and buy it instantly without thinking much about the actual gain.
also, if your going for a 1 socketed xbow you might be better off buying a rare one rather then a manticore as BiS tend to be more expensive even if they have bad rolls.
your eHP seems fine so ill try to boost my DPS as much as possible wihtout sacrificing it.
more CC/CD/some aspd should do.
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Your Manticore is pretty good, and the life steal on it will help keep you alive. But I did notice you're not running Shadow Power-Gloom yet and I highly recommend you switch out one of your skills for it, probably either Caltrops or Smoke Screen. The combination of damage reduction and life steal will make you a tank once you have a bit more dps (especially with Ball Lightning hitting everything around you without even having to aim). It's like putting the game on easy mode basically, and makes reflect damage packs 100 times easier.
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how are my passives? i finally got my true DPS up enough that I took off sharpshooter. How are my others? Perfection, Archery, Steady Aim

Vigilante..i will probably switch smokescreen out. i love my jagged spikes too much. I know lots of people think i am dumb for having the ferrets, but i like knowing they will pick up my gold instead of me having to worry about it.
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Archery is a must, beyond that I think it's really up to your playstyle and what you plan to do with the character. For higher MP levels damage passives like Steady Aim and Sharpshooter could come in handy. Perfectionist is nice but I've never really used it because I just always spammed either Smoke Screen or Gloom along with the bonus heal from Battle Scars to keep me alive in tight spots. I personally love Tactical Advantage in combination with Vault...just haul a$$ all over the map, and since I do Alkaizer runs for speed on MP2, it really comes in handy. Lastly I use Nightstalker to help keep my discipline high so I can basically sprint all the time although I'm going to try out Vengeance next time I play because I've heard it's pretty good.
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i have always heard that sharpshooter is a waste if your DPS is decent...is that true?
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Once your get over 30-35% crit chance it's not really worth it and other passives provide greater utility. It definitely helps your damage though with a constant 3% crit chance and big burst damage as it builds while you travel, so if you were going all out damage your would use it with Steady Aim and Archery. And as you can see I'm also using the ferrets lol, goes back to my whole need for speed thing.
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ok guys, i have been working on my gear for the past few days. how am I doing? I don't have millions upon millions of gold so I have done the best I can with the small amount i have. I am able to farm Monster Power 1 with no problem in ACT 3 inferno. I haven't tried any higher MP.

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