Diablo® III

Looking to begin upgrading my Witch Doctor

I followed some of the budget guides and came to the game I have right now. I'm looking to find the pieces that require the most upgrading and go from there. If you could make some recommendations as far as what to replace with what, that would be great.

Thank you for your time!

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Well what to upgrade first depends on how you play, what your goals are, and how much gold you have.

I 'll give you some quick tips.

Your health needs to be over 40,000 as you move toward mid MP levels. Armor should be near 4000. Your all res is good.

You use AC but you have very little life on hit. Get Blackthorn's Jousting Mail (pants) for some quick life on hit. Get high int, vitality, 400+ MF, and 2 open sockets or best you can afford.

Your best items are your knife and mojo (they are OK and will need upgrades in the future).

Helm - OK but I would pry that ruby out of there and put in a topaz for magic find. You are going to level slowly so might as well up your chances of a good drop.

Passive Skills - I think you should drop PtV for Gruesome Feast (GF). GF will give you burst damage and extra mana from health globes and has good synergy with GI on low MP levels. So rather than cost you mana like PtV, GF will make you mana and give you more damage. You have the pickup radius from your mojo so you might as well use it.

That should get you started.
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What should I look for in the Blackthorns jousting pants? and how much should i pay? they all seem to be around the 30m+ range
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if you are low in budge, get the similar one i am using. its only 10m.
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if you are going for budget start a search at 150int/vit. If you're looking to expand then do 150int/2 open sockets I wouldn't worry too much about the loss of AR on the pants.
I would then work on boots (zuni) body (zuni) 1 ring (zuni) and then you should complete the set by either swapping helm or mojo.
Before completing the set I would grab a witching hour. After that I would upgrade your amulet, gloves and shoulders to vile ward.
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