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Upgrading to CE after character creation

Upgrading to the Diablo 3 collector's Edition is not awarding the in-game content (Angel Wings or Dyes) to existing characters. Upgrading Starcraft 2 to Heart of the Swarm Digital Deluxe awards the Kerrigan Wings properly however the Diablo 3 CE content is not award its contnent to existing characters

This is a bug that should be addressed as I purchased the CE specifically for the wings and just so happen to have a full set of characters I do not wish to reroll as recommended by your support team. Thank you.
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You need to have a free character slot left. You need to create a new character, then that character will have the wings.

Place it in the stash, then delete the new character you created and repeat (for as many wings as you want).

It seems you have 10 characters created already, so you have to delete an existing one sadly (remember to put all items on the stash first before deleting).

Delete one of your lower level characters (and remember to either put all gear in the stash or sell it before deleting), then create a new character for the wings (then place it in the stash, repeat until you get one for each character).
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Yet another request to delete characters to fix a bug...

I have 10 level 60 characters. This is a no go option for me.

How about allowing an 11th slot that isn't saved when we close the program. Then we can dump undropped items as well as get the CE wings without the need to delete an exisitng character.
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Why Kerrigan Wings are not displayed when you select a hero if you're out of the game included with wings? I would like them to show up and the other players have seen not just a game to me, and also when viewing my character.
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Yet another request to delete characters to fix a bug...

What company other than Blizzard thinks this is acceptable, and could possibly get away with such utter BS?
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