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Blizzard almost got me

12/14/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Shadovex
Because this post beckoned a reply from a Blue? Really? Another useless cm post of pure awesomeness. Can we hear how you like rainbows and plush teddy bears next? Or maybe you would like to inform us on PvP.. no? I didn't think so.

I just don't know how many times they can say it. If the devs/designers aren't ready to share new info, the CMs can't post anything about it. I'm as anxious as anyone for new info but it's getting embarrassing now, the blues can't post anywhere without one of these morons saying "you can post about meaningless xyz but not about PvP or 1.07?? you suck!". I'm surprised the CMs here aren't raging alcoholics by now.
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heres another thing. all the posts of the forums that say "OMFG IM QUITTING D3!!!"

i havent played D3 in quite some time, it was a great game, but the item hunt i needed to advance got to long, so i stopped playing for a while. but there is no reason to annouce to the world that i have stopped playing because of reason XYZ.

when PVP comes out, or an expantion ill start playing again, untill then ill enjoy playing a MULTITUDE of other games i have. i just recently finished X-COM and holy crap was that game fun!

Get your common sense, and lack of self entitlement out of here.
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I don't know..I always had d2 on my hard drive, just a click away from this madness whenever I wanted for more than 10 years. I was still on it few weeks before d3 release.

Today, I played out d3. I did not "finish" the game as I did not get the best gear ingame, and that must be the point here : Loot system linked with AH, not a single loot on my wiz selfloot today. The old magic, this satisfaction self looting gear and remember the moment we got each piece, and where and how..is not part of d3.

This is not a question of "hey guys you should not overplay d3, that's why you quit, try to proceed a rotation to avoid bore", this is nonsense. A game that has magic, we never really hate it...at most take a little distance and get back to it..

D3 is not that kind of game. Like enormous amount of games without this magic, satisfaction, we play until we gag, and never really come back after quit, like those women we loved once and never see again. Well, d3 is a heart breaker, and mostly due to its philosophy: money, exchange, value, market, trade...all these words are used extensively in d3, and that makes gameplay most unpleasant, twisted by greed, jealousy..well, every single decadent behaviour we know about.

I think that its easy to take money from gamers, but there is no respect for money we give out. At least prevent cheating at maximum when it comes to real money.
Why do you people still play a game where there is so many bots, itemdupes..whatever cheat method?? I just can't believe it.
In real life, when someone cheats and takes money illegaly from you, it is called theft.
Now ingame, it is theft as well..but never mind, we love it, and don't do nothing. It's really bad, you should put yourself together..

Stop playing this game, and you will see that next time blizzard create something, they will provide quality as if they don't, they bankrupt.
You want quality? well behave as if you diserved it.
If you continue, next game will be based on this crap, but more smelly than today's...
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