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Just identified 2 stash tabs of legendaries

Oh a few more things:

1. Your ehp is only 1,162,388 with a very low block shield. You would gain 30-50% more damage with a skorn costing 10-20 million. You would not lose crit chance because an axe=10% cc due to wep master. You would gain a ton of vitality from the skorn and also a ton of crit damage too. The loss of 52 ar can be made up elsewhere easily.

2. Blackthorne's jousting mail is probably the best item for a "balance" of dps, loh, ehp and mf. The lower end ones can be had for under 500k now. I bought one for my friend and he loves it! Inna's pants is also popular, if you get one with a split str-vit roll as the random, you will trade some ehp for dps and 12% movement.

3. Your trifecta gloves are great, but again I would much rather trade away the crit damage for a well rolled tasker and theo or IK gloves where I lose a little damage but gain a ton of ehp.

4. Kaleidoscope amulets are BIS for most builds. Mine gives me a huge dps bonus to frenzy. Yes I lose some sheet damage due to no crit damage, but all the other stats way more than make up for it, especially the resists.

5. Your mempo has a bad random roll. I will be upgrading mine with either a high armor roll or a split dex-vit or int-vit roll. Guess once you reach paragon 100, you can put an amethyst gem in there and gain 7-10k more life. I am in no hurry myself, what's the fun once you hit 100 there's nothing else to look forward to.

6. Feel free to suggest which items I can upgrade that are more than 10% improvement(without losing any ehp) and cost under 50m(better yet, 20m) gold. If no suggestions, then I am pretty much maxed out, save for maybe my belt and helm.
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See my long reply to you above.
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Is there a setting for "Decent Gear! I dont need no stinking decent gear!" Because I seem to be on it. Nearly 600 hours of play, 5 different characters in inferno mode and I have not a single set item drop. Is that normal? Are they only available in Hardcore mode? Most of my legendary drops have been basically useless for continual use. Anything useful I've had to buy at AH. Does Blizzard really believe that buying other players throw aways in order to succeed in the game, is fun?
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18 days per upgrade. that's not bad. how's it a bad thing?

oh right, you are doing the $/hr calculation. of course it's going to suck, it's a game, not a job.

you play way too much. get a real job.
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LOL at working at McDonalds

LOL at comparing game $/hr to real life money making

By the way, an upgrade would probably be found in less than 18 days, because you forgot that in those 18 days, you would have found 420 more legendaries (18/3 = 6, 6*70=420), and some of those legendaries may be really good.
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12/09/2012 12:23 AMPosted by Yxalitis


Have fun mowing down the monsters like you mow your lawn... yawn. Why do you even play this game?
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I can't sympathize with OP since that's a lot more than what most will find. Unfortunately, atm you have just reached a point where the game designers had NO plan for; that's how shortsighted they were. It's best to just wait for a new patch.

However, the itemization atm is quite terrible. Besides the complaints about items being crap and reliant on must have mods like crit, the other problem is that legendaries are typically too awful to be used (frostburns) or too dominant (mempo/witching) so that no other yellow item can reasonably compete with them. Add in to the fact that legendaries can have such a wide rolling range that it truly becomes a crapshoot and you'll be saying "I found a brimstone, as opposed to a legendary"

To make matters worse, crafting is awful and serves to make the problem worse.

This is all because Blizzard is trying too hard to protect its economy (and thus RMAH) by enforcing scarcity.
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Andrew Chambers is not good at his job.
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12/12/2012 09:47 AMPosted by DireWolf
Does Blizzard really believe that buying other players throw aways in order to succeed in the game, is fun?

So damn well said.
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