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IK Bonus and Unforgiving, Answer please.

If Frenzy Generates 3 Fury on attack, Does IK bonus give me 5?
If War Cry Generates 20 Fury, does IK bonus now give me 22?
Does it effect Into the Fray (Crits now return 17 fury instead of 15?)

1.) Yes
2.) No
3.) Yes

The IK bonus gives +2 fury on fury generator attacks such as Frenzy, bash, cleave, and crits from into the fray. Afaik war cry it does not.

Unforgiving + IK gives you 4 rage per second.

This is probably the best and efficient combo you can do if you farm at MP 1 for highest XP and loot. Just because at certain DPS breakpoints you literally can almost 1 shot everything. So you just run around sprinting with fury constantly generating.

Are you sure about this? I tested in game with frenzy, battle rage and warcry and it didn't seem to gain extra fury. It's pretty annoying to test with the fury generating naturally actually.
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Typical = -2 Fury Per Second
IK bonus = +2 Fury Per Second

Total = 0 = your fury doesn't go up or down.

Unforgiving = +2 per sec

Unforgiving + IK = +4 per second total generated

Unforgiving with No IK is 2 per second.
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12/09/2012 07:18 PMPosted by xportmodz
IK 5 pc. isn't worth it anyways

That's just like....your opinion dude.
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Unforgiving + full IK
Have not gained fury recently = 2 fury per second
Have gained fury recently = 4 fury per second

That's 3 ways you've had it explained to you by two different forumites. I don't know how we can make it any clearer.

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IK 5pc set + unforgiving in PVP sounds sexy to me.
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Hello all. I'm on my way grinding to paragon 100 (51 currently) and have a question that I need answered =)

Default Barbarian Fury
- Degenerates 2 Fury Per 1 Second
- Fury gained by using abilities, attacks, into the fray, War cry

Unforgiving Bonus: "You no longer Degenerate Fury. Instead of Losing 2 Fury Per Second, you now GAIN 2 fury per second"

IK 5 Piece Bonus: "Increases Fury Generation by 2."

What does this mean ?

If Frenzy Generates 3 Fury on attack, Does IK bonus give me 5?
If War Cry Generates 20 Fury, does IK bonus now give me 22?
Does it effect Into the Fray (Crits now return 17 fury instead of 15?)


Causing me to not lose fury, not gain 2 fury per second : But gain an amazing 4 Fury per Second?

Please. Someone clear this up. This is extremely important and very vague !

Wow, so much false information was given so far, people who didn´t test or didn´t read a post of someone who researched it shouldn´t post...

Anyway, I´ve researched it, here´s the post


1. fury degen is actually 1 fury each 30 frames (game runs at 60 frames per second) so 2 fury per second

2. fury degen begins 10 seconds after you hit something (object or monster)

3. only Warcry and Threatening Shout generate fury without hitting anything (for example in town), all other skills that generate Fury (Bash, Frenzy, Cleave, Stomp, Charge, Leap etc) have to hit a target (object or monster) to generate fury

4. Unforgiving stops the natural fury degeneration altogether for as long as it´s your passive (effect #1) + you passively generate 1 fury each 30 frames, so 2 per second (effect #2)

5. IK5 set bonus is the exact opposite of fury degeneration, 1 fury gained each 30 frames, so 2 per second - if you´re within the 10 second time frame, fury degen is canceled and IK5 set bonus stays so you´ll gain 1 fury each 30 frames (2 per second) and when fury degeneration begins they basically cancel each other out

6. None of the last 3 questions can be answered with a yes, IK5 set bonus is a passive fury regen effect and doesn´t affect fury generators like Frenzy, Warcry nor Into the Fray crits

7. Both Unforgiving and IK5 set bonus stack so you will generate 4 fury per second (2 fury each 30 frames) no matter if you battle or not, because of Unforgiving effect #1

8. Both Unforgiving and IK5 set bonus are affected by Animosity (+20% fury gen) and Inspire (+8% fury gen, templar skill), so with animosity+unforgiving+IK5 set bonus you generate 4.8 fury per second and if you add the templar you´ll gain 5.12 fury per second

9. note that instead of gaining more than 1 or 2 fury per tick (each 30 frames), animosity and inspire lower the frame length of the fury generation tick so you get more fury ticks per second instead of the same number of ticks with just more fury
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