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Help please: 2.5 vs 2.73 APS difference

So in the past couple weeks I have been transitioning from Archon to a SNS variant. I think I did a solid job of buying and selling my way to my current set but I had a question about being 2.5 APS instead of 2.73...

So from the guide it said from 2.5 to 2.73 I would go from 33 ticks to 36 ticks. How important is that jump. For me to make that jump I will have to lose some survival stats to get it but I dont know how beneficial it will be. I enjoy my mp6 key farming and I do mp8 ubers with 2-3 others and my survival in mp8 is on the edge. Since I dont solo ubers is it necessary to hit 2.73?

Thanks for the advice!
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IMO, the most noticable difference between 2.5 and 2.73 is against the SB ubers fight. I can stun luck both of them at 2.73 APS but not at 2.5. That means no teleports, no slow bubbles, no roof collapse, and the fight becomes as easy as Ghom/Rak combo. That's with full SNS but using cold snap on FN and Evocation passive, for extra stun locking ability.

Aside from that, you gain a bit more LoH returns, CM procs, etc. from the higher APS but I didn't notice the difference as much as jumping to 2.5.
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depends on your critical chance. If its higher than 55 then u wont see much difference. I see a similar damage multiplier about 7x sheet dps, this is cuz the higher your dps. The more misfires you are going to have with EB. My EB cooldown can be done in half a second but it may take anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds before it is executed again. The only difference I found was a tiny more consistent freezing and a whole lot less dps because you can't get all that aps and critical dmg without paying big bucks
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my experience is, you also need sufficient APOC and CC to support your AS.

I tried to replace a ring with only AS but no CC to reach 2.7 but I can feel it doesn't work as good as if I have my CC ring on. Otherwise, you'll just keep hitting with normal attack. I really donno how helpful that is.
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I dropped 6% paper DPS and gained 26% EDPS. The difference is quite significant assuming your other stats line up like enough CC. I now have a 10x multiplier for damage done.
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12/10/2012 05:09 AMPosted by Sennin
I dropped 6% paper DPS and gained 26% EDPS. The difference is quite significant assuming your other stats line up like enough CC. I now have a 10x multiplier for damage done.

If you don't mind mentioning, what is your crit% and latency in game? I think I have similar stats but I only get around 6x multiplier and I have similar gear as your profile (2.73 APS, 48.5% crit without scoundrel, 20 APoC). I'm starting to think my latency is bad.
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My APS is 2.75, my CC is 55.5 and my latency is sub-100 unless I get one of those lame lag spikes everyone gets in certain areas. I'm looking at you rakkis you piece of crap bridge.

FYI when I do EDPS testing on MP10 Ghom I do not use a companion or whatever they are called.
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No diff if you have high cc, I can stun lock SB/kulle with just 2.5aps/59.5cc.
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I just grabbed 2.73+ today at a loss of ~14k dps. My A2 kw run on MP6 seems easier now...
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I agree with GChen99, if your attack speed is to fast relative to apoc or %cc, you are "out of sync" and will not maximize possible effectiveness.

more attack speed than apoc <--shootin blanks
more crits than attack speed <-- cant cycle to frost nova fast enough to keep a freeze
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2.72 at 50%cc on sb/kulle usually ends up in death from siege picking me up and throwing me under a falling roof

2.73 at 50%cc and they stay in my control 99% of the fight.
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